How to Make WordPress Website | WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2020| Free Digital Marketing Course

How to Make WordPress Website is very simple and I dem sure after watching this video you will easily create a #WordPress Website.
This video all about the WordPress tutorial for beginners in 2020.
I mentioned the free digital marketing course in my title because I am going to release a free digital marketing course playlist of beginners.
If you are Newbie and planning to start their WordPress blog then firstly you need to learn how to make WordPress website.
lets started
before the create WordPress website in 2020 we need two things.
1. Domain
2. Hosting/ Server
Domain: Domain is a name of a website like, etc. The name of the domain is always unique.
Hosting: The server is a virtual space, where website data will be stored.
You can buy domain and hosting from GoDaddy or NameCheap.
After the buy, you need to follow every step to set up a WordPress website in Hindi.
Now we need to connect DNS. DNS stands for domain name system. then after install WordPress.
Please all the details carefully while installing the WordPress because WordPress login details will be necessary when you will log in to the WordPress Website.
I hope this video How to Make WordPress Website will be helpful for all you who are beginners in WordPress.
How to Make WordPress Website time stamps
0:09 What We Need to Make WordPress #Website
2:26 – Domain
11:44 Hosting
14:47 Connect Domain Hosting
25:10 Install WordPress
29:36 WordPress Dashboard Details
33:55 Install Theme
35:41 Plugins
37:50 WordPress Setting
39:32 Create Menu
44:31 Create First Page
52:10 Set Up HomePage
53:08 Bonus Tips
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