How to Make Money with eBay & Amazon Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money with eBay & Amazon Affiliate Marketing

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20 Thoughts to “How to Make Money with eBay & Amazon Affiliate Marketing”

  1. There's always away. Hahaha, you are a great and mighty sly fox.

  2. Hi Lindey, I watch your videos all the time. You have given me so much inspiration…Thank you!!
    I went to EPN Partner Network, signed in with my Ebay account and it says No user exists with that login. Please create an account. I don't understand, I've been selling on Ebay for 3 years.
    What should I do?

  3. I see this is an older 2017 video (today is 10/29/19) I did traditional aff marketing for the better part of 2 decades, I say traditional meaning, JVZoo, Warriors Forum, Clickbank and so on, with Digital Downloads. I like you need to add additional income streams. From what I have read, watched, etc. you can pick any product/store to use for Affiliate Links????? I have a site I am going to add to my arsenal, when I made that decision it was more for info about me, (the Linktree as I use on IG), going to finish video now. If you can answer the question of any item, store, etc to promote through aff links please let me know. I am a Top Rated Plus Seller, only been with eBay 7.5 months so still have much to learn! Love your videos, you always make me laugh! Great info also!

  4. Hi

    How long does it take till ebay pay you your profit into your PayPal account?

  5. Your valuable insight is amazing!

  6. I like your video so I subbed you. Hope to learn more about affiliate marketing. thank you

  7. suckiest and most confusing video on affiliate marketing. she ends up pasting the first link in an instagram account without any information related to how she's using the instagram account…next

  8. Useful information. Easy to understand๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  9. thank you for the video > I have an eBay affiliate page and I am making no money at it ! can you update your youtube video with new info please?


  11. Lindey, this is a goldmine of information. Thank you so much for this video. Was trying to use your PayPal donation link but it isnโ€™t working.

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  13. Hi, Lindy I am love your video and I just can't wait to see the new video. Thanks!!!

  14. great infomative video !!! ill be sure to click your link when if I plan to buy something expensive from ebay

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