How To Make Money Shopping Walmart Clearance! Retail Arbitrage Is Profitable!

How To Make Money Shopping Walmart Clearance! Retail Arbitrage Is Profitable!

WALMART CLEARANCE DEALS!!!! Are you addicted?!?! There is something excited about the hunt for the deal.

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15 Thoughts to “How To Make Money Shopping Walmart Clearance! Retail Arbitrage Is Profitable!”

  1. Wow! I got the same items like you Mario Bros and The Frozen Mic.
    Mario Bros was $1.00 label says $2.50 .

  2. If Scoutify gives me the thumbs up I usually pull the trigger.

  3. All Walmart carts are bullshi$.

  4. 不不不 you were expecting good customer service at Walmart ?!!!!? 不不不不 she (as a manager) couldve taken you to any register and done a return and re-ring or even voided it post transaction (the void as long as you hadnt let anyone else check out at the same register after you)… the customer service is almost always backed up and super slow at Walmart around here (especially since thats where they also do wire transfers and now are required to give spiels that take an eternity about scams) …. however I did see them move fast once- one time I forgot my wallet in my car- I had accidentally left it after I had pulled it out of my purse and it had fallen on the floor- I didnt realize my mistake until I was about to go to the register; well I stopped back at customer service (surprisingly a very short line- which I waited in) and asked if they could watch the cart with the stuff in it as I was going to buy it but had forgotten my wallet in my car and I would run out to get it and come back quickly- the girl at CS said it was all good and she would watch it and make sure it was there when I got back just to put it to the side- I told her it would take 5 minutes tops… so I went out and came back in less than 5 minutes (probably like 2 minutes) and some other customer service person who had come back there TRASHED EVERYTHING in my cart (groceries and toiletries) like WTF when I asked about it the girl who trashed it was just like 仄潑儭 I trashed it… not only was I confused but so was the girl at the CS who said she would watch it

  5. Keep up the good work. I strike out alot at the clearance section in Walmart.

  6. Here in NYC their is no Walmarts which fucks up any opportunity to do these things.

  7. Shr should havent taken you right at register

  8. I think you did what I would have done. You handled yourself well. You explained the situation and how you felt handling it was fair on your end without exploding. It worked in your favor. Well done

  9. that customer service story at the end lol GTFO!!

  10. I would've done what u did.

  11. Pete the Cat is a Children's book, by Eric Litwin. My sons like reading him.

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