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How To Make Money Selling Used Books On Amazon Under 60 Seconds #shorts

How To Make Money Selling Used Books On Amazon Under 60 Seconds #shorts

How To Make Money Selling Used Books On Amazon Under 60 Seconds #shorts

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My name is Alex Bailey, this is my make money online with Affiliate Marketing Story.

The year was 2017 an i was working as a broke dishwasher at Olive Garden in Orlando Fl, I just got out of Jail an had nothing besides the clothing on my back an a small backpack with clothing an shower supplies.

The only job i could get was a dishwasher job because of my history of going down he wrong road in the past.
I was working 40 hours a week as a dishwasher slaving away in a hot kitchen for $12,00 an hour.

I also new that you could make money online, but didint know where to start or even how. I was on Craigslist one day looking for extra side gigs to make extra cash in my pocket. I came across an work form home make money online offer in 2017.

I notice the ad was about affiliate marketing an learning the skills to make money online. I bought the course.

It took me about 9 months of learning the ins an outs to QUIT my dishwasher jobs.
Fast forward to when you are reaching this in 2021. I haven’t worked a job in 3 years thanks to affiliate marketing online.

I make videos on this chanel to show step by step on what is working for me to create an full-time income online using affiliate marketing.

Thanks for being part of this channel.


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