How to Make Money Online in 2020 – Create Facebook Ads

How to Make Money Online in 2020 - Create Facebook Ads

How to Make Money Online in 2020 by Creating Facebook Video Ads for Freelance Clients with this Online Video Editor/Ad Creator.
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In today’s video we’re discussing an amazing online video editing website you can use to design facebook video ads for clients and make money online. This video will be very helpful for freelance video editors and learning how to create high quality facebook video ads for clients, easily online using InVideo.

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32 Thoughts to “How to Make Money Online in 2020 – Create Facebook Ads”

  1. Good job! Keep on the good work Bro!

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  8. can we monetize videos made with invideo???

  9. Hello Jack, i've got a problem and it is when i try to put my video which one i have recorded with my gaming phone, in the video editor "VSDC" it show's me like a mp3 music file not like a video.I've recorded before one more video but there was not any problem with it….What i have to do to solve it ?

  10. Nice hair cut looks good I like it 👍

  11. Hello Jack,
    May I know which tool you use to incorporate Web cam along with your video. Also guide us little about Video Overlapping like your video is running on top of your screen recoding?
    Thank you

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  13. Jack sorry I missed you stream this morning. Ok so after watching YouTube doing research in editing videos(which is how I met you) I finally come up with what I want. I first started with microsoft photos and was easy for me and have done about 10 videos with that program.(pls see my latest video and tell me what you think?? (Intro especially which is only 45seconds) So getting to the final choice I’ve decided to go with Flimora Pro Jack. I just want more and feel for a beginner myself and understanding a little I just jumped to Pro instead of 9. What do you think of my choice?? Pls help and love an answer back. Thanks Jack!

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  19. LIKE SMASHED!! Great video JC. I just found InVideo and just made our 3rd video. Glad that I am using most of your instructions, thanks for the extra tips, you have educated me. SHOUT OUT YOU!

  20. Did anyone else notice that he has over 200k subs, and yet he only gets 2-4k views on his videos? Just wanted to point that out.

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