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How To Make Money On Amazon | The 100K Game Plan

How To Make Money On Amazon | The 100K Game Plan

How To Make Money Online | The 100K Game Plan

Let’s talk about something that’s become the ‘holy grail’ of online business.

And NO it’s not flying private while trading bitcoin in your underwear.

It’s bringing in $100k in one year with an online business.

Why is $100k the goal for most people? I believe it’s because it’s 6 figures in a year which is exciting and feels kinda groundbreaking.

But seriously, even doing revenue of $100k in one year on Amazon is a BIG deal.

It’ll change your life forever because it’ll give you the confidence to go on and build your business more aggressively while giving you a true roadmap to financial freedom.

Now you may be wondering if it’s possible to bring in $100k in sales in 2021 and I’m here to tell you today that not only is it possible but it’s inevitable when you’ve got the numbers working FOR you.

Let’s DIVE in!

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22 thoughts on “How To Make Money On Amazon | The 100K Game Plan

  1. Hey Stephen great video, Im considering joining the MPS course. I know ideally it's best to start off with 3-5 products, but is it okay to start off with one product and scale up? or should I work on saving up more capital and delay my start? If I was too delay, do you recommend I enrol on the course now or is it better to enrol when I have the capital saved to buy my products? Thanks for all the free content!

  2. I scheduled a meeting with MPS but the power was shut off in my hometown for a couple of days and I was unable to make the 5AM meeting as I woke up to this news. Now I’m unable to reschedule the meeting despite being interested.

  3. If the revenue is $100k, what sort of profit are we talking about?

  4. So proud to be a part of MPSH, I'm literally giddy about what's going to happen in 2021.

  5. I just bought your course and I’m hoping to get a quick return profit once I get my business started because I really wanna focus my time and energy on this and be able to quit my 9-5. How long do you think it’ll take for me to do so?

  6. "The better strategy is to hit the like button"—–LOL

  7. Stephen – it's funny that you mention gym skipping ropes, because I'm a Market Place Super Hero (with my first product on it's way to your US warehouse and on to Amazon from there). But I joined MPSH earlier this year whilst I was finishing a course with another training course that provided a "researched" product at the end. That product was….a skipping rope! 😉 I didn't take the product forward because at the time the numbers looked way too high, the market far too competitive (even to my poorly trained eye) and it was clearly a lockdown product. My checks also discovered that the product recommended was also patented (not even pending).

    What drew me to MPSH was their different approach. Everybody else is chasing that home run product that 1) is difficult and expensive to stay on page One, 2) opens you to black hat challenges/hijacking and 3) unit costs are high and then continually scale. MPSH take a longer term approach and that's what I like.

  8. "the side note" camera angle made me laugh

  9. Thank you so for this video. I've been struggling to decide the methodology I want use and struggling to find a product. I will stick with this method from this point on.

  10. Great video! Thanks for the motivation!!!

  11. 10:08 Those are Mclarens but great video anyways 👍

  12. Very very good video ….. your videos always motivate me to get on with it

  13. Is phone or email support included in your courses?

  14. This put a smile on my face😃. Great video. #make2021anoutstandingyear

  15. Soo true Stephen, best time start on Amazon was yesterday indeed. I'm glad I listened to you and sually soon enough I'm sampling my first product.

  16. Awesome video!!
    Between a laptop and chromebook which works best for this business?
    My laptop is old and slower than molasses in January so I need to upgrade. Thanks
    P.S. everyone can answer your thoughts.

  17. Another amazing video! Giving away so much man! Value on another level!

  18. I value these incredible videos!!!

  19. Good tips👍🏻 eye opening 👌

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