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How To Make Money on Amazon FBA in 2021 Explained in 10 Minutes | STEP BY STEP FOR BEGINNERS

How To Make Money on Amazon FBA in 2021 Explained in 10 Minutes | STEP BY STEP FOR BEGINNERS

How To Make Money on Amazon FBA in 2021 Explained in 10 Minutes
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In this video you’ll find out how to make money on Amazon FBA in 2021 in just 10 minutes. If you are new or don’t have any experience with selling products on Amazon, this video is exactly what you need to watch first. I share how to run a business on Amazon and what type of products can bring you money consistently.
Tom Wang is 3-times college drop-out turned serial entrepreneur based out of Vancouver, Canada. After many years of struggle, Tom co-founder of Sdara Skincare with his girlfriend which they sold for multiple 7-figures. Today, Tom is an active investor in ecommerce brands and is also the founder of FBA Masterclass – an industry leading community of over 3,400+ Amazon Sellers and growing.
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How to Make Money on Amazon FBA in 2021 Explained in 10 Minutes | STEP BY STEP FOR BEGINNERS || TOM WANG


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42 thoughts on “How To Make Money on Amazon FBA in 2021 Explained in 10 Minutes | STEP BY STEP FOR BEGINNERS

  1. How do we contact the inspection agency in China?

  2. Tom. What do you think of the burrito blanket? as a first product it does have a ton of reviews. Thank You for your time.

  3. Has anyone here actually tried it and found success? I am not even talking about that you became a millionaire I just mean if you are making more a week than if you worked at McDonalds

  4. Great video 👏🏻 very helpful

  5. what if you do not sell your stuff that is in amazon warehouse did not the amazon fulfill center will pile up of fees of daily storage and that will be a big lose for business any advice please

  6. Do you have a video about doing this from start to finish?

  7. I would love to learn how to properly do taxes when in this business. I know its much more in depth than "normal" taxes, which is intimidating.

  8. you are amazing. this was very informative info in such little time , God bless you

  9. thank you for sharing!!! how does the tech part of everything work tho can you do a video on that

  10. i hope youre business fails

  11. Your ad is trash but i watched it because I like the channel I was on.

  12. This guy just is just awesome, I have seen so many reviews but non slapped like this. Awesome video. Definitely I am subscribing

  13. Well wtf do you sell???

  14. what if i ve a store in my house ..and no need for amazon storage ? how i go from there?

  15. Great, Amazon wins no profit at all then where is the business for amazon

  16. why amazonmillionares waste time making youtube videos, i know it will make you more money but if you are already on a path why do this?

  17. Take the course you will know everything 👍

  18. Is rank and bank on the app store?

  19. Why don't all of the miserable Amazon employees just do this instead of continuing to be overworked and under payed?

  20. Thanks,, love your explanation dude👌🏼

  21. You are talking too much without exact points

  22. Please tell us the exact steps

  23. I really liked those coasters

  24. Hmmm, are you trying to program us to sell costas?

    Well explained though

  25. Freaking awesome video man. That was truly amazing. Great job and thank you for all the helpful knowledge.

  26. how will we take good pictures of the product if it is in amazon warehouse? because you said that our products go directly to the warehouse from china(ali baba)

  27. Tom Wang- quit making Western Asians look bad and wash your damn face bro

  28. Hey I gathered around $800 bucks let’s give this a shot

  29. so you take a cheap product and charge 10x what its worth….

  30. I really like this idea but seems more of a side hussle least until you get merchandise moving and keeping up with the trend this is not a get rich scheme and takes a long time so I appracite your breakdown compaired to others I've seen.

  31. amazing content has always sorry these comments are abit spammed. I already watched 90 of these and i am just going back for YouTube recommendations to share it to more people.

  32. I can see the logistics of this video its pretty cool to show this stuff, yes it takes time and effort its not fake it legit you just have to do the work as any job nothing is given you need to earn it. I like this it would be a great side job

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