How to Make an Online Course Website in 2018 w/ WordPress Tutorials from WPCrafter – Ep. 178 LMScast

Learn more at is a website and YouTube channel dedicated to WordPress tutorials for non-techies, and the tutorial legend behind the site, Adam Preiser, joins us in this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS to share his journey with creating the channel and leading a massive community of WordPress users.

Adam posted a few videos on his personal channel for how to use a WordPress theme in 2013. He had no following and no subscribers, but people still watched his videos because he was putting out content on a software people were trying to find information on at the time.

Adam was inspired by this to create the YouTube channel, and he started to post tutorial videos about all things WordPress. The content Adam puts out on YouTube is 100% free and he uses that free information to teach, market for his channel, and market some of his online courses.

Putting yourself in a position where you are giving out free content before you are selling something can help to boost your credibility and conversions in a major way. YouTube is a phenomenal platform for hosting your videos and giving out that free information to your potential customers.

Chris and Adam talk about some strategies you can use as a course creator to reach as many people as possible and market for your courses by using YouTube SEO and engaging with Facebook groups centered around the free content you create.

Head over to and the WPCrafter YouTube channel to see more of Adam’s tutorial videos. You can also find the WPCrafter Facebook group and engage with the community he has built up over there.


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  1. Thank you Adam and Chris! Due to you both, pretty soon my Act of Drawing online course will be out in the head clouds! Cheers!

  2. Two of my favorite people in one video!!

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