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How to Make an Affiliate Marketing Website for Amazon, FlipKart etc. With WordPress & ReHub 2019

How to Make an Affiliate Marketing Website for Amazon, FlipKart etc. With WordPress & ReHub 2019

How to Make an Affiliate Marketing Website for Amazon, FlipKart, AliBaba, AliExpress etc. With WordPress, ReHub & Content Egg Pro 2019. SkillShare Link – https://skl.sh/nayyarshaikh2
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00:00:00 Introduction
00:15:16 Hosting
00:27:21 Install WordPress
00:31:10 Things to do after Installing WordPress
00:34:25 Install Themes & Plugins
00:42:25 WooCommerce Quick Setup
00:44:33 Content Egg General Settings
00:49:49 Flipkart Affiliate Settings
00:51:56 Amazon Affiliate Settings
00:54:51 YouTube API Key
01:00:07 Create Product
01:06:32 Create Review
01:30:47 Custom Accessories Tab
01:36:02 Versus Page
01:38:40 Versus Page Hero Section Slider Revolution
01:51:24 Versus Page
02:22:14 Top Set Page
02:45:06 Home Page
03:05:02 Menu & Header
03:08:42 Footer

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