How to MAKE a WordPress Website FOR FREE – 2019 – For Beginners!

Demo website:
Learn how to make a WordPress website for free using the Elementor page builder!

Text tutorial:

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2:26:26 – Step 1 – Hosting and Domain

8:44 – Step 2 – Install WordPress

11:57 – Step 3 – Download WordPress Theme – Airi by Athemes

13:27 – Step 4 – Install WordPress Plugins

16:57 – Step 5 – Download Demo Content

19:36 – Step 6 – Customize Settings

27:03 – Step 7 – Create Pages

29:56 Step 8 – Build WordPress Website Homepage

1:14:52 – Step 9 – Responsiveness

1:24:48 – Step 10 – Create About Page

1:37:46 – Step 11 – Create Contact Us Page

1:52:00 – Step 12 – Create Blog Posts

1:56:17 – Step 13 – Customize Sidebar

1:58:16 – Step 14 – Create WordPress Menus

2:05:39 – Step 15 – Publish Website

This website tutorial teaches you how to build a WordPress website from scratch using WordPress for free. All you need is some time, a computer, an Internet connection and you’re all set.

This video will teach you how to create 4 WordPress pages for your website, and walk you through every single step: from hosting, to installing WordPress, to logging in, to showing you which WP plugins to install, to customizing and making your layouts for your website using WordPress.

This website is fully responsive and we don’t cut any corners. In 2 hours, you will have a fully functioning, professional, WordPress website that will make 2019 the best year ever.

If you’re looking for a video tutorial on how to make a WordPress website, look no further. This website tutorial teaches you how to build all your website pages, create custom layouts, and make a beautiful and professional WordPress website for free.

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36 Thoughts to “How to MAKE a WordPress Website FOR FREE – 2019 – For Beginners!”

  1. We hit 50 thumbs ups so now we need 200. Forget 100….TWOO HUNDRED!!!!!*

  2. Thank you for this video, It is very good. I have a problem at the responsive mode section, I am not able to edit the image like you are doing in the video. The settings, "Position, Attachment, Repeat, etc. just aren't there. I have resized the image in Photoshop but that's not fixing my problem. Can you suggest what I should do next because I am stuck at that point? Thanks a million

  3. I am getting help from to create my websites in 2019

  4. thanks Jameson ..can you please help me Jameson im using empire themes for free but on the footer before the logo i want to decrease the pading how do i do it

  5. This video is really a good work through. Thanks

  6. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial and I have nearly completed the website. When I create a page and click 'Page Builder" , the top black header is disappeared. Please guide me on how to keep the header. Thank you.

  7. can u show free social media website making

  8. Hello, thanks for the video, but am having an issue, my SSL certificate is not coming up, even after downloading the really simple SSL and doing all the adjustment in the general setting still the http is not appearing on my website, what can I do

  9. Great video! I've got a weird issue where the Home menu on mobile expands to a white background. All the menu items are white as well, except for Home (pink), and any clicked item (they turn pink). Not sure why since I don't have pink anywhere else on my site. Any assistance would be awesome.

  10. Thank you! And take your time!

  11. Hello Sir, where can I get an SSL certificate? Please reply…

  12. Do we need a child them for this? Is it possible?

  13. Will this work for a dress sales store? thanks

  14. Thank you for your good work. I have been following your tutorials and with that i have been able to create my own WordPress website too.Keep it up.

  15. What if I wanted to choose the business plan and do you know a big difference between the two?should I still follow all the steps as directed? Thank you

  16. Love me some Jameson!!! This looks great 🙂

  17. Another tutorial where not all the plugins on the tutorial are findable 🙁 tried to get help with the Sydney theme…denied do I dare ask for help on this one

  18. how do i remove the writing below "PROUDLY POWERED BY WORDPRESS | THEME: AIRI BY ATHEMES."

  19. Im using colormag theme and I don't get edit with elementor opt in home page …..can you please help me sir….

  20. Hi Jameson! I am running WP 5.1 and does not enact the 'your site is currently displaying coming soon' nor do any 'under construction' plugins work when activated. Any idea what the problem is? I really appreciate your work.

  21. Sorry brother I am not Learn in English and not watched

  22. Good day sir, please sir how can I get the css code for Airi them

  23. Hi, Thanks for this great tutorial. however, I can't seem to add a section and the plus sign don't seem clickable inside elementor page editing area. is this not available in the free version?

  24. Quality videos every-time he hits the upload button!!!!

  25. Awesome tutorial and I look forward to seeing more from you.

  26. Wuddup Jameson✌️ Waiting for that opt in page tutorial my man.
    (Should You Ever Have Plans To Release One)
    I did purchase my hosting plan using your code, so there you go .. CHA-CHING brother.

  27. nice.. l am kerala south part of india. Are you where please.

  28. Sir, please tell me which theme is best for create a video website

  29. Please brother can you post a video for entertainment website

  30. Brother Thanks for these videos posted

  31. Please page make a video about how to create a membership website as well as an ọnline business
    Thank you in advance

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    and for web design in WordPress this is the best :

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