How to Make a WordPress Website [FOR BEGINNERS!]

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In this video I’ll be showing you exactly how to make a WordPress website step-by-step so that you have no excuses when it comes to setting up your very first website. WordPress is what I build all of my websites in and it’s because quite simply, it’s basically industry standard. In fact over 30% of all websites in the world run on WordPress and it’s because no other platform makes it so easy to build a website that wows yours visitors, ranks well in the search engines and that does well on the search engine.

In this video I’ll be showing you how you can register a domain name, set up a hosting account, install WordPress, customize your website, install WordPress plugins and create your first pieces of content. Basically, I’ll be hand-holding you through every single step of the process so that you’ll be able to build your very own awesome niche website using WordPress.


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44 Thoughts to “How to Make a WordPress Website [FOR BEGINNERS!]”

  1. Thankyou so much. Appreciate it. I am going to try this. You are so smart !!

  2. What site builder are you using, Gutenberg, Elementor?

  3. I love You!! You are Awesome!!

  4. O S

    Another easy way is to use this one to sell your ebook
    Easy and convenient. I have benefited a lot.

  5. So… you do NOT have to buy the WordPress hosting to use wordpress ? What is the difference ? … 🤔

  6. I used to do SEO up until maybe 2009 when you were still able to get in the engines with html meta tags. So I took a break and here I am. Trying to learn SEO again, I guess.
    I have a quesiton about the difference between WordPress pages and is it WordPress Posts. I want to interlink pages together, ex. How to pound in nails that thinks to nails for sale – how do I write that as a link… as i used to in html, call it poundinnails.html that links to nailsforsale.html

  7. HostGator is not the best option. Try siteground

  8. Stoner!!!! Missed you so much!

  9. Best upload to hit the internet in 5 years! Welcome back man 👌🏻

  10. Not to be morbid but I honestly thought you had passed away. I guess youtube finally decided to show me that you're back.

  11. I created a website which I gain a lot of money and users ,I contact netcyber4real @gmial com and really helped me out

  12. Always a good day when Jay uploads.

  13. You forget the most important things as privacy policy /terms of use / about us and you didnt registre it for google and bing webmaster and on cloudflare …thank you for the video

  14. I know how to make WordPress sites, and I can say this video is legit. Good job explaining it in just half an hour. My only criticism is you forgot to mention security plugins.

  15. Yes he is back, back again 😁

  16. 😍 Hey Baby – can I borrow your brain for a day or two?

  17. haha i was just about to create my wordpress website! this video came just in time.

  18. please do a tutorial about making youtube videos like you promised , thank you jay for your great content

  19. Wait I forgot I was SUBBED to this dude ! Guy NEVER uploads… name checks out

  20. Great video, glad to see you back online 😊👍

  21. whats happen of your new course

  22. I already know how to create WP websites but still watched the own 30 min video bcoz I love the way he explains

  23. The biggest comeback of 2019 Just got bigger!

  24. Please make a video on monetization of this website also! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌🙌

  25. Glad that you are back from your long trip around galaxies

  26. Hello bro, have you already released your new course, I'm eagerly to learn how to make money from you, I can't stand my job anymore😭😭😭😭😭!


  28. Hi Jay miss you. any news on new screw 9to5?

  29. Brother please make more videos, we all missed you when you were gone. we are so happy your back we all love you brother

  30. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  31. Finally a new tutorial 😛

  32. I missed u dude….. When can I buy your new screw95 course?????😚

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