How To Make a WordPress Website – 2020 – The New Way!

Start creating your website instantly. With the new Instant WordPress Designer you can create your website in minutes. No more having to worry about themes, plugins and 1000’s of options. It is all done for you.

WordPress is the most powerful and professional way to make a website in the entire world.

You will learn the best tips and tricks to make your website #1.

Create your WordPress website instantly:


00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:07 – How It Works

Create Your Website

00:03:11 – Choose Your Design
00:05:31 – Add Your Title & Tagline

Design Your Website

00:07:02 – Create Any Website In 10 Steps
00:07:38 – (1) Editing Text
00:09:26 – (2) Change Buttons
00:11:53 – (3) How To Undo
00:12:55 – (4) Edit Images
00:15:49 – (5) Rearrange & Delete
00:16:54 – (6) Add Section
00:17:58 – (7) Spacing
00:18:56 – (8) Add Items
00:20:52 – Practice
00:27:44 – (9) Mobile Friendly
00:29:54 – (10) Update
00:30:29 – Edit Any Page
00:30:52 – How To Change Footer

Get Your Domain Name & Hosting

00:31:38 – Get Your Domain Name & Hosting

Setup Live Website

00:38:29 – Install WordPress
00:40:24 – Login
00:41:22 – Change Password
00:41:47 – Understand & Delete Plugins
00:43:01 – Update WordPress

Transfer WPJelly Website

00:43:35 – Import Website
00:46:33 – Delete Website

Complete Your Website

00:47:01 – Edit Contact Form
00:49:22 – Add a Page
00:52:09 – Navigation Menu
00:54:40 – Logo
00:57:07 – SSL Security
01:00:45 – Logout
01:01:03 – Congrats!

Remember, have fun making your website 🙂


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36 Thoughts to “How To Make a WordPress Website – 2020 – The New Way!”

  1. Tyler, I've been watching your videos for a while now and with 0 technical skills , you have given me the tools to complete my website which I should note I was just quoted $3500 by a local digital marketer just this morning. I wanted to say thank you and I can't imagine how many lives you've changed with your tutorials.

  2. Awesome tutorial Tyler. I just have 1 question. How can you change the favicon? Thanks again for this awesome video

  3. Fantastic tutorial! Thank you! Can I still use this tutorial and especially the wpjelly design site if I want to eventually put google ad sense ads on my page? Do I just follow this tutorial for that and then add in the ad plugins later on? Thanks!

  4. Hi Tyler. Thank you for making this video. I just have a quick question. Does either hostgator or wordpress give user an email on the domain after completing the website? Thank you and keep up the good work!

  5. Whats the difference between wordpress and wpjelly?

  6. Dear Tyler Moore, I am new in this field. I love it WordPress I am follow ur toturial step by step no step skipped. After completing this what you suggest me? Waiting for your kind response

  7. http://bit. ly/2slDie3

    Hi!If you are looking for a WordPress or web designer that can do all this work for you at a very low price, click this link and have a look at how many
    different creators can help you and this site is very well known worldwide

  8. FINALLY I made my WordPress website using your tutorial! Thank you so much

  9. Tyler, bravo on all you are doing sir. I have a question please, i have tried importing the wpjelly website but it keeps saying 'failed to process this request', what might be the problem please? Thank you.

  10. Hope you won't charge any penny or hidden fee in future😥😥😥😥😥

  11. Most Corny Plug I’ve ever herd lol…. we’re not trying to sell our site setup to create your own site with hostinG…. All you did was install your own hosting site premium automated theme and few plugins…. anyone can do all this for free after you pay a few bucks for the .com on your own windows server and laptop….. premium hosting theme and WordPress installed on your Laptop running windows server 2019

  12. This is More Than Amazing…!!!

  13. This is hands-down the best website tutorial I've seen. Very clean and thorough!

  14. Two Questions please:
    Can I use these steps to make a blog on wordpress and if so how is it any different??
    Secondly is this with or with

  15. Thank you Tyler for this. More powers to you!

  16. "Failed to process this request" this is the message that I get when trying to import website after 10% importing , What may be the reason? or is it because the website host is not hostgator?

  17. I just want to show the website to my friend in other city(only for one time),
    is there any way that I don't have to buy any hosting or domain ,
    Can it all be in free?

  18. This should be called ‘how to shill web shit on YouTube 2020’! Sell hosting underhandedly to people who should definitely not be making or owning a website.

  19. Hi Tyler, thank you so much. I´ve done everything exactly like you have!!
    One question, I can not see the "Plugins" option on my Dashboard, what can I do?

  20. Thanks for doing the refresh! Your original video was incredibly helpful and allowed me to save alot of time and money! I was just trying to fix some issues I've been having since some functionality in WordPress has changed since your first video. Nice to see that there is a 2020 version.

  21. Great tutorial. I signed onto HostGator after viewing previous tutorials and both my sites were hacked. Been trying for months to get it fixed. Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I would think twice about HostGator. Although this is a great tutorial.

  22. I tried creating a WordPress site with Elementor on my server and the damn thing crashed on me twice after a lot of work. When it crashed, it completely locked me out of WordPress so I couldn't fix whatever failed and had no idea why it crashed. I got so frustrated I went back to hand designing my own html pages which takes forever but I know what every line of code does.
    This new way of designing "off site" looks like a better way and probably more stable since you don't have to worry about unknown compatibility issues with your server.
    I may try it on my next website design.

  23. your easy to follow great websites

  24. Hi Tyler
    i really need your help when i try to import my website from wpjelly to wordpress, this message keeps popping up: "Failed to process this request"

  25. How can I import a page from another design to my current design?

  26. Congrats, you just made a website that looks like Wix.

  27. What a useful tutorial! Thanks a lot!

  28. Did not work. "Water" is not even on Word Press for me. When I tried it, the name changed to ocean and it was asking me to use some wizard thing.

  29. Man, you look a little gordito. 😄

  30. This does not work when using "" for your hosting service. I have just seen this video after I already had a domain name and hosting service purchased. You will get a message "allow_url_fopen is Off at your server configuration. The theme may not be installed. You can manually download the theme from here and activate. (which does not work)"

  31. im kinda stuck, i tried following through and used the water template from wpjelly as well but at the time im creating this i noticed it doesn't have the navbar at the top anymore. I was able to create one by creating a new widget row and adding a Navigation Menu under the wordpress section in elementor, although, it doesn't quite look the same as the one on the video, since there the navbar is within the widget row that has the learn more button. I tried making the background color of the navbar i made to transparent but that just makes it white which kinda makes sense. any tips on how to get the same navbar back?

  32. How to remove the HostGator icon from the Tab?

  33. Thanks Tyler. I have learnt so much things from you

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