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How To Make A WordPress Website 2020 | Enfold Theme Tutorial

How To Make A WordPress Website 2020 | Enfold Theme Tutorial

Learn how to create a website using the Enfold Theme. One of the best WordPress themes out there. With this theme, you can create an outstanding website. And if you want to save yourself some time you can import professional pre-made websites in just a few clicks. I will show you the best of both worlds by importing a website and configuring it to our wishes.

Example website: https://enfold2021.com
Webhosting: https://webhosting125.com

Overview with timestamps:
Overview With Timestamps:
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:09 Overview Of What We Will Cover
00:05:35 What Are A Domain name and Webhosting
00:06:35 Get A Domain name and Webhosting

00:15:10 How To Install WordPress
00:16:24 Make Our Website Secure
00:17:26 The Frontend and Backend Of WordPress
00:18:37 Clean Up The Website
00:20:02 Configure Your Username
00:21:52 Give Your Website A Title

00:23:38 Introduction to Themes
00:24:34 Get The Enfold Theme
00:29:09 Install The Enfold Theme
00:30:10 Install WooCommerce
00:30:43 Install A Pre Made Website
00:33:21 Download The Same Images I Use

Configure The Enfold Theme Settings
00:33:46 The Theme Options
00:39:16 The General Layout
00:42:01 The General Styling
00:51:00 Advanced Styling
00:53:18 Using Custom CSS
00:55:06 The Main Menu
00:58:40 The Header
01:02:58 Social Icons
01:07:20 Semi Transparent Header
01:09:48 The Sidebar
01:12:45 the Footer
01:16:36 Privacy Policy and Cookies
01:18:49 Create a New Page

The Advanced Layout Editor
01:19:47 Create A Slider
01:36:54 Create a Service Section
01:47:43 Create A Color Section
01:52:30 Make The Layout Editor Sticky
01:53:54 Create an About Us Color Section
01:57:50 Create a Testimonial
02:04:40 Use the Custom CSS again
02:06:13 Create a Social Share Area
02:08:25 Create a Floating (sub)menu with anchor links

The Contact Page
02:12:54 Configure a pre-made page in minutes

Create a Portfolio
02:15:31 Create a Portfolio Item
02:22:44 Create the Portfolio Page
02:24:40 Create a Video Portfolio Item
02:36:22 Add a Portfolio Element on the Homepage

The Blog page
02:42:02 Create a blogpost
02:54:59 Create an excerpt
02:55:49 Comments
02:59:15 Sidebar Widgets
03:06:38 Create a Sidebar for the WooCommerce Pages
03:03:00 Most Recent Posts Widget
03:04:27 The Facebook Likebox Widget
03:04:55 The Instagram Feed Widget
03:06:38 WooCommerce Sidebar Widgets
03:07:18 Create a New Sidebar
03:08:45 Add 4 Footer Widgets
03:12:58 Create a Custom Blog Page

The Shop Page
03:28:50 Configure the Shop page
03:30:55 Wrapping Up
03:33:38 Thank You


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48 thoughts on “How To Make A WordPress Website 2020 | Enfold Theme Tutorial

  1. Hi Ferdy, I would like to customize the footer area (where you usually have widget). I would like to write contact info,… Have you done a tutorial? Thanks!

  2. I need a multi-language plug-in. What do you suggest? Thanks

  3. That theme looks outdated in my opinion πŸ™ did they pay you to advertise it? :)))

  4. Excellent work, brother! What about the other video you said you made about the shop for the Enfold theme?

  5. Hi Ferdy, Thanks for your video! I was wondering if you know if it is possible to make several sign up forms for 1 mailchimplist/audiance for diferent wordpress websites (Enfold).
    I’m already using a sign up form for a particular audiance at our website, but now I want to make another signup form (same audiance) for another website (could be a pop up) so people can download an e-book.
    I hope you know if this is possible and how I should manage it, cause in mailchimp you only can make one pop up form.

  6. can you please help me my enfold theme option is not working ??

  7. Antehr great video — BUT do you have any information on Gravity forms that is included with Enfold. How to make a special form using garvity forms within Enfold?

  8. Ferdy – Which theme do you rate best Kadence or Enfold .

  9. You're amazing! Thank you so much for this helpful tutorial.

  10. Hey Ferdy, I love all your videos. Which theme would you suggest for products, with a store? Specifically eyeglass frames, shopping bags, PPE?

  11. The link of Webhosting doesn't work . Thank you ferdy and i have a question , Witch one is better OceanWP or Enfold ?

  12. Love this tutorial and theme (in fact I bought it!) I have one question if you have time, how do I get the homepage we built in the tutorial to replace the one in the demo from Enfold? I've tried but I just get a page not found error. I am a newbie as you can see πŸ™‚

  13. Great man; thank you very much

  14. I have an issue in my website. In making a Blog page, How to make the entire Grid styled post’s thumbnail clickable(to open) instead of its title or it's featured image only which are linked to a specific post and same for each post shown in Grid Post layout in "WordPress"?

  15. whats the best way to add a payment processor to enfold without using a plugin? not stripe not paypal.

  16. MVM

    Hi Ferdy, Thanks for the great work!! Please advise how to edit the website display photo in Enfold? When using the WordPress/Enfold website URL on Facebook, Twitter, etc. random website images show up when sharing on these platforms. How do I designate a specific image? I've set the favicon in WordPress/Enfold to no avail. PLEASE HELP!

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    do you think this website can fit for surf school? thank you so much for your help.

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  22. Hey Ferdy please upload fundraising website using elemntor

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    i don't know why u did that . i loved that video, now i came here to u'r channel and find that video, but i can't find .
    will u please upload again or give me link on NewsCard Theme video .

  24. R O

    hello Ferdy how can I set a video as a transparent background?

  25. Hey Ferdy.. do you feel enfold is for nubies? What is the role of a theme like enfold when page builders are more flexible? Pls let me know πŸ™‚

  26. Ferdy..I am like half way through..is there really any difference with current Enfold theme and the one from 4 years ago…thanks

  27. Ferdy I have a problem: with the Astra theme I had the option to configure mobile layouts. For example I could specify that my webshop needs to have two columns with products in stead of one. I can't seem to find this option with the Kadence theme. Since it's quite a big deal for my client, do you have any idea how to do this? Thanks a lot!

  28. What the best theme for the website to look great in mobile mode

  29. Hello,

    Can you please advice if I want to make conditional variations, which means on the e-commerce website I'm selling paints, I want the droplist options for the customer to be 1st(Frame, not Framed) if the customer selects framed he should see 2 more options which are frame color and size, and if the customer selects no frame he will get only 1 variation which is size.

    so how can I do this conditional variations?

  30. Ferdy, can you do a tutorial on the Uncode theme? Thanks.

  31. Man, I feel like i need to pay some money for the content you are sharing haha is really adding value to many people.

  32. Can we talk about billing clients? Like what platform to use and reoccurring monthly payments? Currently using Paypal and its ok to send a monthly invoice, but I dont want to have them hassle of re-entering cc evey time. The only option is to tell them to create a paypal account and create a subscription. It would be nice to maybe have a dashboard on the backend of their wordpress dashboard or anything else to make it seem more streamless.

  33. In the pandemic process, I want to improve myself on "wordpress sites". I have a lot of time. I learned to use elementor from your videos last month and made a website.
    I want to learn all the basic information. But I'm confused about which order it should be. Because there are an incredible number of videos about WordPress. Nobody illuminates and guides correctly in this regard.
    They establish and pass general sentences.
    Finding the right training stages for my WP training is also a big problem.
    I think that only a very experienced person like you can do this and guide me.
    My request from you;
    the free ones are the priority,
    Which plugins / themes / PageBuilders should I try to learn respectively?
    For example;
    (Elementor free, Astra, Woo commerce, Kadence, Phlox, Elementor Pro, Enfold, Gutenberg, Divi, ….)

  34. Great tutorial as always. Right now I can't afford a webhosting this good (staging is so easy on it) but I expect to make enough money in the future. One disturbing thing for me is that the wp-admin page on your website is open, isn't it any way to secure or hide it?

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  37. Another great video. When you coming to Cape Town again ?

  38. Your Tutorial is great! I purchased Siteground hosting (using your affiliate link) myself couple of months ago.. The feature Staging included with the plan GrowBig is very useful when you are making changes on your site. I was not aware of this great tool. Thanks to your video I am aware of Staging and I am going to use Staging when I am doing changes on my website!

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    Have you done a Flatsome tutorial?

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  42. 1st comment…. πŸ‘»πŸ‘»
    Ferdy you are doing great job. I've started my freelancing business following your videos

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