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How to Make a Million Dollars Selling Shoes on Amazon/Ebay – $5000 Haul on a Friday Night

How to Make a Million Dollars Selling Shoes on Amazon/Ebay – $5000 Haul on a Friday Night

How to Make a Million Dollars Selling Shoes on Amazon/Ebay – $5000 Haul on a Friday Night SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE https://www.youtube.com/reezyresells/?sub_confirmation=1

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45 thoughts on “How to Make a Million Dollars Selling Shoes on Amazon/Ebay – $5000 Haul on a Friday Night

  1. You make a shit ton of money from doing your flipping, and then you make a lot of money from YouTube

  2. Damn bro I want to start doing shit like this. And I get a monthly check because I got into a car accident so I have money to buy stuff to resell

  3. You ain’t even gonna go in Toys R Us for that little girl 😔 you better spoil that baby while you can, but not too much

  4. What app did you use to scan?

  5. What's annoying about these kinds of videos is the assumption of profit. The claim of making $5k in minutes is not true. You don't include the time it takes to photograph and list everything, and also how long it takes to sell the items if they sell at all.

  6. What are the most popular sizes in the shoes?

  7. Broo how did you miss that kd ?? I would buy it right now damn

  8. Honestly brings a tear to my eye thinking how she felt when her dad had to explain to her that Toys R Us was gone. That would have killed me as a kid.

  9. I've watched about a dozen of your videos now, and I gotta say that I've been pleasantly entertained and educated by each one! Keep up the great work, you are helping me tremendously

  10. Why are the captions totally different than what is being said?

  11. How long did it take to sell all these shoes?

  12. Rip Toys R Us I hope y’all went in

  13. I never get why people leave their negativity everywhere! This man hustles and provides for his beautiful family. I say hustle because he clearly does the work and instead of keeping his secrets to himself he shares his wisdom so others can learn and maybe even change their own lives. @reezyresells I know you likely won’t see this comment but in case you do; just want to say thank you

  14. I don't have retail stores where I live I don't know if I can buy from Marshalls online .

  15. hay i followed your formula and did really well…now im just waiting on some sales. i did FBM because i dont have a ton of stuff but want to consider sending them in idk what to do

  16. Yea whatever we going to toys are us 😆 🤣

  17. You have a beautiful family! Thank you so much for the content & inspiration!

  18. You are the epitome of a capitalist.
    Congratulations 👏

  19. Your videos are straight and to the point. You got yourself a new fan

  20. I know you mentioned you can't sell star wars, disney or Lego without going through hoops. But can you sell anything from Marshall's, tjmaxx like shoes or anything thet have there without going through hoops?

  21. am very confused on how to start the business especially with Amazon as I am new to this. I hear so many restrictions like you cant sell or flip products like nike , coleman etc especailly if you are new. Can you maybe make a video or if you have a link as i might not have noticed it regarding best way for a brand new newbie to start selling on Amazon. I do have a bit of experience on Ebay selling products but I am tired of the job I am doing and would like to scale on my own. I know it will take a time but I need to pick the right direction especially as a beginner. Let me know your thoughts about it. Thanks and good da

  22. Im ur subscriber…love ur content bro..

  23. On amazon u only do retail arbitage? I see so many fba seller talking about private labelling but it looks like u r not that type…buy ..flip and sell..just needs time to shop

  24. Which app you use for scanning the items?

  25. Ok man ☺️ so I have jammed thru about 20 of your videos today .the only question I can think of to ask you is.how long to do you normally wait to get the sales of what you purchase? Also is there a buy in as what or how much money I should put into this to climb the ladder ?

  26. Why do people pay so much at Amazon?

  27. Just subscribed. Quick questions, what’s your return rate for shoes and bras and clothing and whatnot?

  28. Jc

    What’s considered a good rank when buying? What should I look for?

  29. Gotta be the dumbest shit ever. Better off selling weed on the street.

  30. What is the name the price check or profit app? Thanks so much

  31. Great video! How do you overcome brand name shoes? I hear Amazon restrictions or the brands restrict sellers. What do you do then? 🦋

  32. Bro where u been all my life u need yo yo a class at Harvard

  33. Hey Reezy are in Canada or USA?

  34. I need out of my 9-5 I hate it!!! Do you just ship these products to Amazon or do you have to
    Load them to your store ?

  35. Dropped high school 2 time can I do it?

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