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How to Make $2,000 PROFIT Each Month Selling on Ebay and Amazon! Let's Talk Real Numbers

How to Make $2,000 PROFIT Each Month Selling on Ebay and Amazon! Let's Talk Real Numbers

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Label Sheets (if you don’t have a thermal printer yet) – https://amzn.to/30reI7G
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37 thoughts on “How to Make $2,000 PROFIT Each Month Selling on Ebay and Amazon! Let's Talk Real Numbers

  1. Knock on wood but this might be an exception but once I hit a hundred listings about 1 month and 2 taking eBay serious I haven't missed a day of going to the post office even though there have been plenty of days where it was just one item but I think it's all mental now like somebody must buy something from me everyday and so they do. I am a sourcing Fein I have a death pile fit for a whole family and I just can't stop sourcing but I still work and I don't use any of my proceeds from my eBay store it's all basically a form of saving for me

  2. Absolutely love how organized and systematic you are.

  3. I just started selling and I’m over $8k in 90 days. This is selling a very small beauty maintenance item. I’m not saying just what bc I don’t want competition LOL.

  4. I just shoved my full time toxic job (last day is next week!) to resell on Ebay. Thank you so much for all the wonderful information! Much appreciated from this newbie! I’m so excited to do something I love instead of the office drudge with a bunch of people who hate their jobs as much as I do!

  5. Do I have to get a llc and company name to sell on eBay or Amazon? If so how does one go about that?

  6. I go to thrift stores bins etc and finding stuff for a dollar , or 3, to sell for 30 is not possible

  7. do you buy your items from good will and garage to male 60% profit??? good for you, i buy from good discounted store barely make 20% gross profit

  8. How much will the tax’s cost selling on eBay?

  9. Why did you did you get a masters degree and only made $700 a week?

  10. Great video. I have 10 items(comic books) on Ebay. Do I have too put more items to get noticed?

  11. I sold two items on ebay for twenty dollars and shipping cost 29 dollars? Why did this happen and how do I fix it

  12. I used to sell a lot then stopped for a while. I started it again this january and have managed to make $493.81 just off selling my dad’s old leather jackets.

  13. I appreciate your honesty and transparency. Great content and advice. Really enjoyed it.

  14. You're Beautiful Woman 💟💟💝💝💖💖💘💘😍😚💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋🌷🌷💌💌

  15. Where can I buy a shelf like yours?

  16. I only watch her videos bc shes so damn pretty

  17. Can anyone confirm that this still works and maybe personal experience? 👇🏼👇🏼

  18. Thank you!!! This was so helpful!!!


  20. This is such a great video. Glad I found your channel. I started moving some of my listings from Poshmark to EBay I have 500 on Posh. It takes time but it should work. I’m retired and this works.

  21. How do you get hooked up with Amazon cuz I appied and got denied to sell

  22. But how do you know they're gonna sell for sure and does it have to be name brand clothing etc what about those gnomes they seems to sell fast. I need help getting started I have so much stuff I could sell good stuff. I cant get a job cuz of covid and im losing everything 😪 does thrift really do that well cuz I git a ton of it and new stuff I wnet in posh n I belive thats gotta be name brand stuff n I posted stuff id bought new on Amazon I never used. I need to get started this week. Like now help me ahhhhh lol

  23. not calculate u tube video income

  24. What do you sell on Amazon ? Can you sell use stuff there ? Sorry I never tried selling on Amazon . I sell on eBay mercari poshmark and kidizen .

  25. I adore you and your family. Please keep the faith.

  26. Did you take into consideration the cost of shipping.

  27. Can you talk about returns?

  28. You also have a fellow grandmother. Perfect for me. 15 hours would be perfect.thanks because this is just what I need.

  29. Great video, was just wondering how you handle posting All these items out and how you have the time for that?

  30. You are so amazing! I have considered doing this in the past but have been worried about getting enough inventory and making it worth my while! But thanks for the video and all the information!

  31. i have been selling ebooks on ebay and i made a lot of profits because i got the product for free and sold it for 10$ 😁.

    thats a 9 Full Profit😎😎.

    check the video on how i did it :👉👉  https://youtu.be/-fH8AYBXu4g

  32. im watching you from now on ….as a busy mom i like your video style

  33. Has Kevin David stolen this video word for word yet?

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