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Being an FBA seller on Amazon is essentially the act of serving as a middleman for products that people use everyday. The products get made in factories and sent to Amazon’s shipment centers where they are mailed to consumers who purchase them online. The beauty is that the business never requires physical receipt of any products by the seller. There are over 105 million Amazon prime members and only a little over 100,000 sellers.

AMZ Formula Discount link:

Joshua Crisp has made millions selling on Amazon over the past decade and is one of the industry leaders in the feild. In episode 78, we covered everything you need to know about how to get up and running to be able to make $100,000 a month with an Amazon business. #JoshuaCrisp #amazonfba #amazonseller

AMZ Formula Discount link: https://www.eylfba.com/landing-page-main-page-for-course1588284920357?affiliate_id=2369979

Guest IG: @officialjoshuacrisp
EYL University: https://www.eyluniversity.com
Code for 40% annual discount: Earners
EYL Website: https://www.earnyourleisure.com/


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44 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE $100,000 A MONTH SELLING ON AMAZON

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  4. Thank You!!!! Joshua and EYL!

  5. Rashad, like wayminute…. I’m bout to go ham!😩😂🤲🏿

  6. So much game I was wondering how I can join the Amazon seller market and this video is perfect

  7. Things that may improve your life:
    – Believe that we got created & manifest
    – No masturbation & semen retention
    – Drinking 2-4 liters water a day
    – not comparing yourself to others (compare you from yesterday)
    – Not trying to impress people (impress yourself from yesterday)
    – Cold showers (Even the last 20 seconds of your regular shower)
    – Meditation
    – Not relying on relationships for happiness
    –  Working out
    –  Having a leader mentality
    –  Reading books
    –  Breathing  in from your nose (reminder)
    –  having gratitude
    – Cleaning your room
    –  Taking breaks of social media
    –  Not limiting yourself
    –  Making up your bed (discipline practice)
    –  Quitting/moderating caffeine & sugary drinks
    –  Walking in nature
    –  Making your own money (online)
    –  Having a plan  for things you wanna do
    –  Being aware of what you doing with your valuable time & energy
    – Take a break from social media for a couple days and connect to the real world, it’ll do wonders for your mental
    Please consider to try out at least 1 thing from this list (make a screenshot if you want to!)
    Subscribe to my channel as well please🙏🏽🙏🏽

  8. This Guy is Blessed because he is a True Giver… not withholding, no pulling teeth. EYL is Blessed for the same reason… you Guyz give it UP. God's manifold Blessings be yours in overflow. PeaceToTheLIFEofLove💯

  9. M O

    A lot of "Thank you" and "God Bless" and your business should work for you and not you for it. ZERO / NONE no specifics – this is a TOTAL scam / hustle. All reviews are from their buddies. NOT ONE INSIGHT !!!

  10. I'm going to have to rewind this episode and write everything I heard…

  11. What does fba stand for again? 🤣

  12. I think the pandemic has taught people a big lesson, having one stream of income is not really a good idea cause your job doesn't secure your financial needs. The pandemic has really set out business minded people from the rest that is why I'm so lucky to be amongest the investors trading with 0to90value on insta as his student it's been success and happiness since the beginning of my trades’

  13. The interviews keep getting better and better.. God bless

  14. I just tried to order for the BLACK 50% off but that's not what happened. It only took of $11.17

  15. Why even buy from Amazon store creators, why not just create the free Amazon store, find the product you want on alibab and have Amazon ship it to you directly. Cut the middle middle man out right? Or would that not work? Definitely would be cheaper

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  21. Hey EYL, I really appreciate what you guys are doing for the community and culture and it has inspired us to take the initiative as far as growing towards entrepreneurial activity. How do I look into your recent classes or become a member?

  22. I enjoyed and learned so much when Josh was on the show, 1000x more better than when Damon Narcissistic Dash was on the show.😁😷👍

  23. He said go to Google Trends for …. Where did he say to go?

  24. Good shit I'm going to try it.

  25. Man I was scrolling YouTube like always and ran across eyl im hooked as Blackman that has worked for a company for 20 years and let go after covid hit I had to find way to start working for myself you guys are a blessing I ask for 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  26. Fake News Not easy to sell $100k on AMZN

  27. I am assuming you can do this with e-books as well? I am interested..🤔✍🏾

  28. Hey guys – what platform are you using in this episode for your visual?

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  30. 21:00 How much could you make & How much Amazon charges
    23:26 The Secret Source….light weight vs heavyweight products, consumable, reusable, giftable products…Monotize the from backend vs the frontend…Ametuers focus on making money on the 1st touch….focus on the marriage."

  31. Has anyone had any real success following Josh's program? I've read some mixed reviews about his program so I wanted to get some real feedback.

  32. Thanks Joshua Crisp you are an inspiration!

  33. Love y’all guys I plan on speaking to you guys in the FUTURE love my strong black men. I am determined leaving my 9-5 and expanding into different leisure’s or Life!

  34. Thanks you guys.. great info

  35. I was on Amazon using arbitrage but they kept changing their rules. I will say that the money potential is crazy. Be careful when ordering from Alibaba. Order samples, try the products you want to sell. It’s expensive but will payoff in sales.

  36. Jeff Bezos is on track to be the first trillionaire —- man o man 👨 that’s crazy 😜 I’m just going to ride the amazon wave 🎁💰💰🍾🍾🍾🍾

  37. Unfortunately, none of what this marketer is talking about is true. In fact, what he is saying is all part of a formula, which the popular YouTuber Mike Winett has called "The Contrepreneur Formula".

    What is this formula? Well, it consists of a number of elements including things such as:

    * Unrealistic Earnings (e.g. make $10,000 per month after 60 days)
    * A heavily discounted price (course x is usually sold at $9,997 but if you act today you can get it for the low price of just $397)
    * The Price will always end in a 7 ($397, $497, $997 etc)
    * The events where these programs are promoted almost always contain "plants" (professional actors who are paid to be part of the crowd of "opportunity seekers" who rush to the back of the room to sign up for the course being promoted, the intention being it encourages other people in the room to do the same, for fear of missing out. This is called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).
    * A Bullshit Backstory (e.g. I grew up with very few luxuries, in a very poor neighbourhood, was bullied at school, blah blah blah)
    * The testimonials of the people talking about how their business was turned around in 30 days or whatever are often actually paying to give such a testimonial for exposure to themselves in an effort to give them a kickstart in their own "business".

    Mike has created a highly entertaining and informative series on his YouTube channel called Contrepreneur Bingo. I urge you to check it out as you could save yourselves a lot of wasted time, energy and not to mention your hard-earned cash.

    So, this guy and many, many more just like him are not actually making money out of what they teach, but rather they are making money by selling people the theory on how it is possible to make money from, for example Amazon FBA. He is selling virtual shovels basically (and useless ones at that).

    It's not just Amazon FBA though, pretty much ANY make money online course follows the same formula. You will hear the same (or similar) Bullshit Backstories, the prices that end in a 7 and all the things mentioned above and many more besides.

    It's all a big Scam, to convince vulnerable people who are desperate to quit their 9-5 jobs that this is the Opportunity of a Lifetime when in fact no such thing exists.

    And before you say, "No, this isn't true, Kevin/Dan/Caleb/<Insert name of Scam Artist Here> is the real deal, their stuff works, I mean how can be standing next to their Lamborghini and outside their mansion, holding wads of cash if they did do all of this?", then I should point out a few things here to address that.

    1. The Lambo is rented. For about $749 per day you can rent a Lambo and this is what they do, hire one for the day which is enough time to do the filming of them driving around etc.
    2. The mansion, like the Lambo is also rented for one night, using an up-market form of AirBnB. Around $600-$700 for one night.
    3. The wads of cash are not real, it's purchased from prop money sites like http://www.PropMoney.com where you can buy $100,000 stack for about $220.

    If anyone has had a positive experience of this particular individual, then please feel to get in touch with Mike Winett as he would be very keen to hear from you. I say this because he has spent, so far over £500,000 of his own money "invested" into dozens of these types of get rich quick schemes (putting in 100% effort) and not a single one has lived up to the claims.

  38. Would it be better to open an LLC for this ?

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