How To Make $1000 A Day | Library Book Sales to Amazon FBA

How To Make $1000 A Day | Library Book Sales to Amazon FBA

How To Make $1000 A Day | Library Book Sales to Amazon FBA – In this video I take you with me to a Friends of the Library Book Sale. Also known as an FOL Book Sale. These are big sales that Libraries have usually semi-annually where you can buy books usually for $1 – using your smartphone and an app you find the valuable books and then sell them on Amazon fba and make huge profits

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35 Thoughts to “How To Make $1000 A Day | Library Book Sales to Amazon FBA”

  1. What's the name of the beat that starts at 3.28 brother

  2. How to search for local library book sales?

  3. Great content and video. Thanks for the share.

  4. Reezy If you could not sell books on Amazon other than eBay what other platforms are good to sell books on .

  5. Hello to my fellow Californian…

  6. How long should I sell books before trying to get ungated in DVDs or CDs?

  7. I spy with my little eye a Chase Sapphire Preferred!

  8. Thank you for filming your processes! I’m trying to get over my “scanning is naughty” feeling at these library sales. These help a bunch. 👍🏻

  9. I’m fairly new to Reselling and RA. I know I’m missing something really simple here, but was there a reason why you scanned them so quickly one after another or could someone provide a link to an explanation.

  10. Do you live in Santa Cruz? I grew up there and 2 of my kids still live there.

  11. What a machine, slaughtered that sale. I need to replicate that.

  12. Biz

    Opticon OPN 2006 or KDC200i Scanner? I think I see the opticon in this video

  13. Reezy NEED ADVICE, PLEASE HELP!! i have a super important question. i'm looking into purchasing my first bluetooth barcode scanner. I know that you have listed on this video you use the Koamtac KDC200i, but I have seen in your other videos where you break out the Opticon scanner. Which would you recommend, also how much does the 1D vs. 2D matter when scanning books to resell?? Please help! Thank you in advance!

  14. what give bruh? you give us a sneak peak of your music, but don't link us to where we can take a listen?

  15. And your greatest accomplishment was answering the call and building a great family!

  16. Great video and nicely edited. But I will say that for me and where I am library sales are getting tough. Between the regulars and the new people they are getting crowded and thus less books for everyone.

  17. You got a sub from me brother, keep up the hustle!

  18. Hi Reezy..when starting out do we need a LLC?

  19. you sik mutha finding that many

  20. I enjoyed your editing on this video especially at the beginning when you do the drone with santa cruz.

  21. Reezy is there a fast scanner like that for ebay?

  22. REEZUS
    hahahaha love the shirt homes

  23. Dude I love your channel, you inspired me and i made 100 in profit my first week! Keep up the good work!

  24. Dope rhymes on the outro! He spits hot fire 🔥

  25. I wish my book sales only had 5 people! You gotta work with what you got though.

  26. Good stuff Reezy! $260 in revenue in 2 weeks and you are one of the reasons why!!!!

  27. Reezy, ? What is the minimum profit you would accept before you purchase a book ??

  28. Good stuff brotha , after seeing your gear I know why I wasn’t efficient with books. Def needa re-approach it. That eBay/FBA balance though is what I struggle with.

  29. So do you regularly see libraries charging an entrance fee for Pre Sale day? The one I will attend is charging $10

  30. We've never done a library sale. Looks like the key is to have multiple people there so you move through the inventory quicker.

  31. I just told my 55 year old brother about you cuz he wants to start selling on Amazon. We come from same background as you so I know he'll relate to you and learn alot. Which of your videos should he start with? Btw thanks for another great inspiring video.

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