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How To Make $100 A Day Selling T-Shirts On Amazon Without Any Design Ideas – Working In (2020!)

How To Make $100 A Day Selling T-Shirts On Amazon Without Any Design Ideas – Working In (2020!)

How To Make $100 A Day Selling T-Shirts On Amazon Without Any Design Ideas – Working In (2020!)

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About this video :

In this video I go over the strategy I used to get beyond $100 per day on Amazon Merch.

Now keep in mind as with any business you will have to make either a time investment or a dollar investment.

It’s really your choice.

However, it is the exact steps I took to get to as much as $10k per month on Amazon Merch.

At some point I found that Merch just didn’t fit my skill set and I decided to quit. But years later I am still making as much as $1k per month selling old t-shirt designs.

These designs were not done by me at all but I hired a VA to design every single t-shirt we created.

And as a result money still comes in on a monthly basis.

If you follow these simple steps that I lay out in the video then pretty soon you’ll be on your way to $100 a day on Amazon Merch.

👋 About this channel :

My name is Hurricane Liz and I’m the creator of the Growth Hacker Ecom Movement.

Since the age of 18 I have been self employed and have mastered the ecommerce space with my specialty being Amazon.

In the few years I’ve helped thousands of people quit the boring 9 to 5 grind and helped them start their own Amazon businesses.

It is my goal to help thousands more come to realize the freedom being your own boss can create.

Say hi, as I respond to every single message I received personally.

In order to completely change your life you need to take a first step.

The information contained on this YouTube Channel and the resources available for download/viewing through this YouTube Channel are for educational and informational purposes only.​


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35 thoughts on “How To Make $100 A Day Selling T-Shirts On Amazon Without Any Design Ideas – Working In (2020!)

  1. I filled out application & just waiting to be accepted 😊 I’m interested in FB info, Thx 🙏🏻

  2. Thank you so much for all this info!!!!

  3. Your video is good. Thanks for all the info, but how do I go about trademarking? I want to play it safe!

  4. Your the ish and you know it

  5. Question? Do they provide the shirts after you post the slogan or do you have to have the product on hand

  6. Thank you for all the great tips, I am interested in starting selling t-shirts online, I've been wanting to do it for years. Thank you again

  7. i would like a facebook video on this

  8. Where do you make your designs?

  9. Can we link the shopify website to YouTube? I’ve seen t spring or something like that.

  10. Hi Liz great stuff thank you … one question does TM Hunt cover 🇬🇧 UK or only USA can’t find things anywhere 🧐

  11. V M

    So who has actually done this and made up to $100 a day?

  12. how can you get around copywritten images? Like the baby Yoda, is that just a gray area or is there a way to pay to use the image liscense?

  13. Very helpful video!
    Just curious, why did make multiple merch accounts instead of selling merch one just on merch account?

  14. Hi, great video! I am a South African resident but Amazon says it does not support South African banks. Any work around?

  15. Why amazon so cheap when others places are making 3-5 per shirt.

  16. Great content, thanks!

  17. I'm not native English but I understand like 99.9% of what you have said …

  18. Do all yourself. Its more fun.

  19. Hi..
    Great video!

    Is it okay to use/upload my own Redbubble account design in Amazon merch?
    Or should I create seperate design exclusive for amazon?

  20. Do you have to have a e-commerce business permit to sell on amazon?

  21. So if I have shirts listed on Merch and I sell through T Spring, do I need to keep the physical product on hand and or sell it FBA …or can I just fulfill the order with my T spring account and have them drop ship to the customer?

  22. about that Instagram video: I like your videos–straight to the point

  23. What is that plugin/extension that gives you the rank?

  24. I just saw this video. Love you and your channel. I watch so many videos of people saying they will break it down but YOU my wonderful soul..you actually do. Thank you. Im gonna try this.
    One more thing. You posted this 1 year ago…is this still a thing or is it flooded now?

  25. I am a graphic designer and I would like to work with you, with integrity, I think you were disappointed by the ones you chose to work with ! If you're interested try me 🙏🏽

  26. Does Amazon have blank t shirts, and print your design on it? Or blank coffee mugs and other things? Nobody explains things like that.

  27. awsome video thank you for sharing I'm going to try amazon I think it fits me best please post more video you have inspired me to more forward

  28. Some great info here, thanks for this, Liz!

  29. Does it cost any money to start? And is it just tshirts or can you do onsies too?

  30. Ok… let's wake up audience. $7000 total sales from one t shirt…. aka Amazon gives $3 per shirt… that equates to $1k total…. not include your cost for ads, time, and more.

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