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24 Thoughts to “How to Make $100 A Day Dropshipping on eBay in 2020”

  1. eBay has been my first venture where I finally started making money online. I have scaled my eBay store to 1500 in sales in 5 days but I believe my listings were not priced correctly which caused me to lose money. Then I stopped. But I realized I can just learn from those mistakes and not quit. I love your channel Steve so much I’ve probably watched every single video. Thank you both for so much value over the years.

  2. Thanks guy! You both are great entrepreneurs 💪🏻

  3. Why don't you make videos about AutoDS? This can be helpful to us

  4. don't drop ship on eBay if you are not prepared to get kicked off for breaking the rules . Drop shipping is not allowed unless you purchased the stock before you list it on eBay . If you cant prove you did purchase it in advance eBay will terminate you sooner or later .

  5. Finally bought the course. Now to get the ball rolling!

  6. if you drop ship to a customer from your ebay store and they receive a defective product from say walmart and want to return it. How would you do this?

  7. I have set up my DSM Tool account and today im researching to find my first item to drop ship WHOOT WHOOT

  8. Hey guys, ive left paul 3 messages but haven't gotten a response. I was ane of the gift winners, can someone get back with me please? Thanks

  9. You guys talked about setting up a second account for drop shipping. Will amazon approve a second account or is there another process?

  10. Wow, so glad I clicked on this video! Just over an hour ago, I had no idea what drop shipping was. I just started reselling on eBay and I've been so happy that I'm able to make a little extra money, but this just blew my mind!

  11. Raiken – I LOVE your content – Paul seems very forthcoming – THANKS for the video!

  12. Been following you guys for a while you both helped me start my dropshipping journey! Thanks so much!

  13. drop shipping has been around since the beggining of time. A customer orders from a merchant who doesnt have it on stock he then sends a list to his supplier via a camel, horse or merchant ship.

  14. Even better with Wal-Mart kicking off holiday season earlier 🙂 Enjoyed easy to understand video, great job guys! Off 2 get new computer for the journey.

  15. It sucks not being tax exempt and that is really eating up my profit

  16. how do i find out about the live streaming so that i can ask questions live

  17. Great content! You two are awesome!🤩

  18. How do you handle your income tax? Your income will so more than it actually is. By a lot.

  19. Another comment: Isn't dropshipping dead?😆😣

  20. Love you guys….wish I could do that…I will learn from you as I only buy outright.

  21. Great when I see my two subscribed entrepreneurial YouTubers collaborate.

  22. I missed the live chat but boy – I have tried things over the years (I stopped working at my career do to health problems 15 years ago). I was a great student in school, college, and I liked my career ( not too different from the direction Paul went). I am married so we have income, but not enough to stay above float. My eldest son is finishing up college and my younger one will go in a year or so. They are / will be collegiate athletes – so no We did not push them to college – the sport they play took them there- and my oldest will come out with a good degree from a good university- but the loans!! He has student loans . I did not and neither did my husband . I cannot imagine our young adulthood / early marriage beginning with student debt. Regardless- I have dabbled in selling on eBay for years . Sold stuff around the house. Last couple years I got more serious due to the obvious reasons. I still like to sell stuff from home- but my home is drowning in stuff. So reason I am interested – More Money for my family and less stuff in my home.

  23. Not live. Previously recorded. But yeah, I can see you.

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