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29 Thoughts to “How to link Payoneer's account to PayPal's account? (Must do for any dropshipper)”

  1. in which country your paypal account is made ?

  2. My email if you want

  3. So with the payoneer community federal saving you will also get a debit card or you will be able to use your old payoneer debit card?

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  5. can you call paypal from non-usa country to link a payoneer us bank account?

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  7. Im having a problem. Because PayPal can't verify my payoneer account and this is the 2nd account I requested from payoneer already. The problem is when PayPal send money into my US payoneer account for verification, they can't take it back to be able to confirm the account and immediately they will send me an automated message saying they receive email from my bank saying my US account doesn't exist. What can I do?

  8. can you use money in the linked bank account to pay anything using paypal ? or this linked bank account will be used only to transfer money fro paypal to it ?
    in simple way… if your paypal balance is 0 but you got money on the linked bank account can you use this money to pay through paypal ?

  9. I really appreciate it👍Thanks a lot bro 🙏

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  11. finally found out a legit method that pays, forbesfamilyweb net

  12. N C

    How did you request for the federal savings bank account

  13. For the stealth account, will this work?

  14. I have 3 Bank accounts in my Payoneer account but I couldn't link them to Paypal account please help man

  15. Thanks for the info. can we transfer money to/from credit card of our choice?
    Also, can we transfer money between
    Payoneer and alipay ?
    Payoneer and weChat pay ?

  16. This no longer works I have Payoneer request a new account and received it and it still doesn't work I have PayPal to add the new account details Paypal told me they or having trouble with the routing number

  17. Hi, when I try to set Payoneer as my Preferred way to pay online on Paypal I get an error, any suggestions please?

  18. Sir you are the right person to help us this confidintial procces thanks to upload this video

  19. hello
    thank u for the information, how can i contact you directly please?

  20. i have philliphine paypal account can i link this payoneer bank account to my paypal account

  21. hi, when opening a payoneer account, they ask the account type, what type to chose, free lancer , online seller or business. thanks

  22. This doesn't work any more.
    You can connect PayPal to Payoneer but Payoneer will not count your PayPal funds as valid, so they will not issue a credit card based on your PayPal deposits. I just finished talk to them on the phone.

  23. how can i charge payonner 2 dollars to activate paypal i have money on paypal but i cant use it on payonnner

  24. Hi, i signed up through your link, but i still get charged 1% after transfering from paypal to Payoneer, i thought its suppose to be 0 fees. Any help i can still get the 0%?

  25. Thanks for your video. I got one question through…What payoneer account did you open at first place? A personal one or business one ? And what is the different between 2 of them for NON US resident? ..Thank you bro ..

  26. If I already have a Paypal account from the UK do I need to open another Paypal account in the US to sell on (USA) if some one can help with that thanks.

  27. I get this bank account. but when i tried to link it to my paypal account there was still display this error message? what can I do for it? please help me

  28. Is this way really working still? I followed this so I could do verification successfully once. But one day later , Paypal try to get back the 2 confirmation dollars with a withdrawal. But Payonneer account don't allow to charge. That's why, once verified bank account was removed one day later. 🙁

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