How To Land FREE Celebrity Endorsements: Influencer Marketing Tips For Clothing Brands

How To Land FREE Celebrity Endorsements: Influencer Marketing Tips For Clothing Brands

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In this video, Rob talks about the importance of releasing products for your clothing line that have a purpose within your clothing brand. Each product should be branded in its own unique way to compliment the brand identity.


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30 Thoughts to “How To Land FREE Celebrity Endorsements: Influencer Marketing Tips For Clothing Brands”

  1. this was a video full of golden nuggets!!!

  2. thanks for this video i learnt alot and god bless you for sharing your knowledge , just followed your brand as well i am the founder of BabyDaddyClothing AU xx

  3. rob talking about canada
    me: "eh he doesn't sound canadian"
    rob says "about"
    me: "nvm there it is"

  4. Hi! How can i send my products to celebrities?Do I really need to ask for their address or what?

    Can you please help me

  5. But I am from rural canada lol inspirational as always bud, just killin it

  6. Needed this great video, new subscriber as wellπŸ’―

  7. – We have a unique story behind our brand American Hustler. Which celebrities would you recommend we try and contact? Thanks for the videos.

  8. What's the best way I can Dm a celebrity,to let him know I'd to send him a page.. however do you think he might not reply being that I dont have a large audience/followers as yet?

  9. I really enjoy watching your video's,I'm currently in process of building my own brand which is "7figures" what's the first thing that comes when you hear the term 7figures? You can follow my Instagram page for future updates.

  10. Also I Tried To Sign Up For A Brand Review But The Link Is Not Working 😫🀧

  11. Yeah Maybe Just In Canada Becauseee In America They Will Take & Never Say Anything After That.

  12. Great advice. We have launched our brand and would love your feedback. or @imagesaremade

  13. This is really solid advice. It's cool that you come at it from a psychological perspective. Keep doing ur thing!

  14. Omygawsh this is just the advice I needed. Rob you're a legend πŸ™πŸ’―πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ˜

  15. Brilliant! Finally, a video with realistic advice that gets straight to the point. Absolutely love it. Thank you for being kind enough to share your journey with us so that we can benefit from it! Subscribed 😊

  16. I have tried multiple times to sign up for your master class, but have not received the confirmation email.

  17. Another great vid! Thank you.

  18. Rob could you make a video on how to get product pictures, ill be honest I dont really have many friends that care about my brand or want to give me their time of day for some product pictures, Ive tried to do a photoshoot and even pay a photographer but how can I get product pictures when I have no models? Like yes I can use myself and my girlfriend but how many times can we be the models? also how can I find hashtags that resonate with my audience and that they are using? anyways great videos I would appreciate any tips you have on those two questions

  19. Hey man, I am launching my clothing brand soon for people that persue their dreams. My question is if it would be smart to make myself the face behind the brand as I am only 14 years old. I don't know how people will respond to this as they might not trust a teenager and buy clothes from him.

  20. Heck yeah man another killer video and piece of advice. I can’t wait to see what I can make happen with this. Much love and appreciation Rob!

  21. Hey great video as always. You suggested we target celebrities with a following between 20k and 100k . What's your thoughts on those with say, 5k but are getting over 1k likes and over 100 comments on a post?

  22. Should we be sending messages from our personal instagram or from our clothing brand instagram?

  23. If ever you're worried about legitimacy, well there's always auditing tools such as influencer auditor that can help

  24. I asked the same in fb grp few mnths back! and u made video of it.. cool 😊

  25. Thank you for all the great advice! I literally watch your vids over & over.

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