How To Keep Facebook Ad Accounts From Getting Banned [CPA Marketing]

How To Keep Facebook Ad Accounts From Getting Banned [CPA Marketing]

Want to know how I keep my Facebook Ad Account save while running CPA marketing campaigns? It’s hard, however there are some method you can take into consideration to drastically reduce the risk of getting your ad accounts banned.

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If you’re an affiliate CPA marketer you know that Facebook ads are risky business. Facebook is notorious for shutting down ad accounts, which potentially, might ruin your business.

Fortunately there is a relatively easy solution.

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5 Thoughts to “How To Keep Facebook Ad Accounts From Getting Banned [CPA Marketing]”

  1. If your ad account is banned,do you need a different domain and a different facebook profile for new campaigns?

  2. I watched this video and wanted to know if FB looks down on Sweepstake offers?
    Does it automatically ban accounts running Sweepstakes?

    If not, what is the difference between using a bridge page that says "Win $500 of Grocery Vouchers" and the Offer page saying the same thing? Why would FB approve a bridge page and not a direct link to the end offer?

    Appreciate the help.

  3. What I don't get is how accounts can get banned? If you are doing something illegal they could just not approve the ads in the first place? I am only in the beginning and my goal is to just make a living. I have no 200 euros a day to spend on ads.

  4. hahaha, i like your pronunciation on owner's family name Mr. SuckerBerg hahaha.. thats good fit for all our troubles with fb platform. Actually i Googled information in forums, its crazy, people get 100 accounts purchased once at wholesale price with dedicated proxies, profile picture, mobile numbers attached to each account, AND plastic cards included. here you go – Antiban pill 🙂 … Thank you Colin for sharing this valuable information with us…best regards, Alesandro

  5. Hi, great video! Do I need a different payment method for each ad account and can I use the same card for all of my ad accounts?

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