How to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier

How to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier

Learn how to automate Facebook Lead Ads by integrating with Zapier. Zapier is a marketing automation tool that will help you scale your lead generation efforts.


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⚡ Automatic SMS Lead Notifications Using Zapier:

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3 Thoughts to “How to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier”

  1. Great video easily explained. I was trying to figure out how both google spread sheets and sms could work through zapier. Wasn’t sure if SMS was possible through Zapier with such a simple app so you confirmed that it’s very easy and I don’t have to use some other complicated CRM

  2. Can you have it send an SMS to both yourself and the client using one zap? Or would you have to create two zaps for that. If it's two zaps, then wouldn't it interfere with each other, or?

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