How to Install WordPress with Siteground Hosting

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A new hosting portal had been introduced by siteground and no longer uses cpanel which is a good thing! In this video,
I’ll show you how to setup WordPress with siteground hosting step by step.

What are your thoughts on the new hosting portal? Let me know in the comments below!

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33 Thoughts to “How to Install WordPress with Siteground Hosting”

  1. Siteground recently changed their interface so if you are following one of my tutorials, this is the proper way on how to set it up !

  2. @SiteGround I do not recommend doing business with this company, they are quick to take your money and will drag you around in a circle for a long time before they refund your money. Don't get trapped! Thier refund system stinks! #sitegroundworstexperience

  3. is this with or what if i want to use can i use it on sitegorund?

  4. I have over 1000 different items to sell. Can i get by with the first package?
    How do i combine a domain i already have into siteground?

  5. M A

    Any suggestion for hosting sites that is secured and fast loading?

  6. to add more than 1 wordpress website in the same plan hosting with the same wordprees login….how….?

  7. How do I change the domain from the hosting domain (The temporary domain) to the original domain?

  8. Do I have to purchase a web-building software in order to create a store-type website for selling items?

  9. Came back to SiteGround because of your video + SiteGround Update interface

  10. site ground is a fake site
    do not enter your card number here

  11. How do I change the temporary domain from the main Domain though?

  12. please show how to delete or uninstall WordPress from site ground hosting main domain

  13. Darrel, i have purchased a domain from , but here you recommend siteground . how do i get my domain to siteground ? also in should i create a account first ?

  14. It's a shame that the cost of a domain name through SiteGround is £14.95 + VAT… And I wish they wouldn't temp you in with hosting at £2.95 per month for the first year and then whack it up to £8.95! Thanks for the video though, very informative.

  15. I paid for Big Growth account for $71 plus usd a week ago and SG tells me I have no hosting for me. I have been unable to contact help or support!! Very bad!

  16. jesus the amount of rambling… i just wanted to know what the next steps were! why are we talking about cpanel!?

  17. thanks for your video, i am signing up using your affiliate link!

  18. Thanks for the update! I've had siteground for a few years now with WordPress for an art portfolio. And now that I'm going to be creating a few new websites I sort of forgot how to link WordPress to siteground, thanks for the refresher. Glad to see they've made some nice updates, it looks more clean! I started with HostGator, but switched because it was cheaper and siteground also provides free ssl encryption which I wanted.

  19. hi darrel , please make a video how to make a video like this with the speaker infront and slide at the back

  20. I really enjoy your videos Darrell, I just went thru your link to Siteground and got the GrowBig plan. You`re a big help to all of us. Thanks man.

  21. Nice update, but a little rushed. Slow down just a bit. Thanks for the great info, especially the hosting 2020 video.

  22. u talk too much non sense at all

  23. Hello ..i just purchase my first domain on siteground and i receive an email from Tukows asking for my consent .its optional though but what does this do if you agree to the consent or jus ignore it? Hope someone can help hehe

  24. Hi, what do you recommend for doing a website that monetizes videos, I’ve to do one for a non profit who have live speakers and would like the public to pay a small view to view the videos during and/or after the event.

  25. Clear instruction Bro. I got a question. Does the data center you choose at siteground affect the loading speed of your website…Am new to web designing and I am planning to host my site with SiteGround. I am from Africa (Zambia), so which data center can I choose?.

  26. I was hoping you would show the file manager just in case we need to alter the files , oh well

  27. I want the default WordPress , I hate the changes they keep making

  28. Y have they changed the interface I’m so confused

  29. Excellent video Darrel, thanks for makign this video, as I am in the process of switching my own site to them

  30. Am a freelance web designer and developer. My problem is anytime my client request to change their email password, they have to log into the account and that poses a security issue for me. Those siteground provide any solution for this or i have to purchase an account for each client??

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