How to Grow Instagram Followers Using Facebook Ads

How to Grow Instagram Followers Using Facebook Ads

Learn how to boost your Instagram followers using Facebook Ads. There is no direct way to grow your followers using FB Ads but in this video I will explain how you can drive traffic to your Instagram Profile URL using FB Ads with a targeted audience. When you have a very clear target audience, you will get high quality followers at a low cost.

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  1. U r best teach,i am always follow u.

  2. Essentially the only way that works to gain a huge foIIower base on IG just GoogIe ZIPFOLLOWER

  3. What if you don't have a website, just an instagram page. How to increase followers using ads in this situation?

  4. why did not you choose Facebook feed and stories as placement?

  5. Most people will c this ad on mobile.
    sooo this ad will take people to the mobile browser where they have to login to their instagram account. It will not take people directly to the IG app

  6. Best video so far on Facebook ig promo

  7. I don't have much Website visitors…… But like to know if it's possible if we choose PEOPLE WHO ENGAGED WITH MY FACEBOOK POST and use it as target audience?

  8. Pls continu of about set -up

  9. Thank You So Much Sir for Sharing

  10. Please continue stock market learning videos

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