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How to Go From Fired to CEO | Interview with Douglas Conant

How to Go From Fired to CEO | Interview with Douglas Conant

In this podcast episode, Gary sits down with former CEO of the Campbell Soup Company, Douglas Conant. Douglas shares his fascinating story from being fired from his job after 9 years, and how it led to him becoming the CEO of Campbell’s. They also talk about Douglas’ new book and even take a call from a follower around the value of “Thank you” letters… Enjoy!

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44 thoughts on “How to Go From Fired to CEO | Interview with Douglas Conant

    1:40 – Introduction
    4:00 – Douglas’ story
    22:00 – Who is the book for?
    28:00 – Caller Question: How to write “Thank you” letters

  2. Great input man.
    Check this out guys for some amazing business and motivation related videos on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/c/DivyaShlokam

  3. Love and positive energy to you Gary Vee, Dough, Amy, Team Gary Vee and all dear friends. Grateful for this beautiful episode 🤗💗

  4. An iconic duo= greatest video

  5. let the guy talk for god sake

  6. Just been fired from my corporate job. Having multiple income streams is a necessity than a luxury nowadays. That's why i've started my youtube channel! I will appreciate every support, thank you!



  9. You have two ears and one mouth, to listen twice as much as you speak Gary LOL !!! love you Gary but let a man speak 😂

  10. Gary this is amazing advice, you're such an inspiration to everyone! I followed your instagram marketing advice and started using Igrocket Com To boost my insta page and WOW I have nearly doubled the amount leads to my Etsy page, you're the best Gary!

  11. Hi Gary I want to reach you however I can. I'm reading Crushing it. Thanks for making the book, the knowledge, the empowerment!

    I wanted to ask how to grow your personal brand, if you have a separate brand that sells products, and how to link the 2.

  12. next plan is to put full attention to my business .. see if I can find another job, and equip my home with solar panels and rain water system and learn to have a urban garden to grow food.

  13. I was terminated by my company last friday, i am not sad or ashamed Ive been planning for this since they hired me … saved invested saved invested.. I only needed a quantity that was only going to be given if they terminated me .. and it happened… thanks for corona .. it finished the company sadly ..

  14. Gary, why don't you interrupt some more.. Or just tell the story for him..

  15. Sport cards ????? Toilet papers are back!

  16. hey gofer "Go buy me a green and white nerf football! I don't want to appear upscale."

  17. Great video, thank you! Would also add, being CEO is great for the people who want it and have the personality for it, at the same time it is a very stressful position, so do what is the best match for your personality and dreams that you have.

  18. Start. That's the biggest issue most entrepreneurs have. Having that analysis paralysis is a real thing! If you're reading this, just take the first step!

  19. Hey Gary, I am a great fan of yoirs but what made me annoyed in this is you did not allow the guest to speak much, interrupting hundred times, almost acting like a police enquiry process. Otherwise its a great episode.

  20. This guy keeps cutting in the guest. Who the fuck is this guy?

  21. Gary predicted the Corona virus. On one of his episodes he was like "the U.S. needs to experience another tragic event so people won't be so entitled/ complaining about stuff that doesn't matter."

  22. Gary, what if you haven't completed high school, had 7 businesses with no success, have no experience with accounts or organization and just watch your videos to inspire you, hoping i will strike lightning in the jaw. Will all my hard work pay off ? What should I do??

  23. Gary needs to learn to shut the fuck up and listen

  24. Thank you so much Gary i will come out of my comfort zone i and i will do all these steps and hopefully end up like you thank you gary you are the man and you are so inspiring!

  25. This is awesome! so many gold nuggets in this interview. I love the being ok with failing and screw perfect 🙂

  26. This is awesome! so many gold nuggets in this interview. I love the being ok with failing and screw perfect 🙂

  27. stop interupting!!

    ps. great content

  28. Contact me for starting your own online business

  29. omg, that caller has an awesome question on thank you notes.

  30. Chaga, Liposomal Vitamin C, Vitamin d3 50,000 ui cuz i know you see thousands of ppl daily GV haha XD.

  31. I'm watching this and it's like Gary's on Meth in this video Lol.

  32. I realized a while back that every successful person's journey was different and their own. Most I can really do is just take bits of it and see what works for me.

  33. Normal people on Fridays: work and make money
    Me on Fridays: nervously waiting for garyVee to get uploaded

  34. With COVID-19 making its presence known I feel this is the time Gary has always been talking about. An economic shift then he just buys everything.

  35. gary needs to shut the fuck up and let the man answer one question before 8 more at him. Fucking annoying. Love you Gary but I can't even watch because im constantly expecting your interruption. Ruins the conversations flow.

  36. Gary bro you interrupt wayyyy too much 😂😂😂

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