How To Get Instagram Followers With Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

How To Get Instagram Followers With Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

Want to know how to get Instagram followers?

In this video I show you how to get Instagram followers with Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

I’ve been experimenting with how to generate more Instagram followers with ads for the past couple of months.

And I’ve developed a simple and easy to follow Instagram advertising strategy that works really well and can be used to generate thousands of Instagram followers.

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19 Thoughts to “How To Get Instagram Followers With Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads”

  1. Thanks for watching guys! Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

  2. Hi Ben, i wanted to ask you. i have a shopify niche store. doing fb ads with page likes and targeting audience for my niche. then posting products on my page will people see my page and buy? or it's a bad idea to do it for stores?

  3. I tried this directly on Instagram, which I hated doing because of the limited options… I targeted UK and us and got followers at around 35-40 cents per. I was using an existing image on the feed.

    So now since I am now over a thousand followers I will now try your method using that same pic in the stories at lookalike audiences of people that interacted… Will also retarget website visitors and see…

    I didn't think fb would do well since you can have the cta to go to profile…. But will try it out.

    Thanks great video…

  4. Hey Ben! Awesome video. However, when I go to create the lookalike audience with the different countries it says source is too small. Any suggestions?

  5. Great video Ben, Just a quick question.

    If it is a new instagram page then it wouldn't have enough data for a 1% LLA – So do you think using a broad interest related to your niche will work just fine?? Thanks alot

  6. How do I report my picture on instagram which is used without my permission

  7. Thanks for sharing such a great tips. Hats OFF

  8. Hi Ben, great tutorial as ever. I cannot see locations on my system, is it because of this –

  9. Your group has been closed, can you get it back please?

  10. Dude! This is an awesome tutorial. Unlike others in this genre this was nononsense, no filler, no ads. Mostly content. Love it! Please keep it up

  11. Ben, how would an image work compared to a video? And does the subtitles add automatically or do you do it?

  12. Thank you for this helpful video. I’m new to Facebook ad, I’ve been learning a lot from you. I have a question, I hope you would help me answer it:

    I have a Facebook page about men's fashion and lifestyle, created about 1 month ago. I have been running Facebook ad since the page's establishment.
    At first, the ads went really well, I use campaigns to increase page like (page like is what I want). I used auto bidding. Cost per result was really good. But after about 1 week of just keep doing what I was doing, things turned really bad quickly. Cost per result doubled and trippled, even when I duplicated the ads, cost still remained extremely high.

    I created different campaigns (same goal of increasing page like), I tried different ad creatives, different audience etc. I notice they all have the same pattern: the cost per result always look fine at first, but after about 3 days, it trippled.

    People say it's ad fatigue, but my ad frequency is always low, just around 1.2 – 1.5. And my audience size is varied from 300k to several millions.
    I've been finding solutions to my serious problems on the internet, but I haven't found any.

    Have you experienced this before? Do you have any suggestion? I really appreciate it!

  13. This man is always surprise me, soon call him guru…

  14. This is interesting, what this doesn't seem to cover is what is the point of getting worldwide followers if your business is say a niche which doesn't need a global audience. Doesn't this just then give you lots of followers – but few of them would actually convert to sales? What is the point if that is the case? Lots of followers is just a vanity metric in that case?

  15. Great video and very informative!

  16. Extremely excited for this one!

  17. rii

    Great video Ben, thanks for sharing this!

    Have you tried testing creative that has an arrow pointing to the Instagram profile and being charged by link clicks rather than impressions? To my understanding, some people say it's more cost effective since the profile visit doesn't count as a link click (only the swipe ups / button clicks do).

    Interested to hear your thoughts.

  18. By following your tips how many followers one can expect in seven days?

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