How to Get Facebook ads Approved *UPDATED*

How to Get Facebook ads Approved *UPDATED*

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How to Get Facebook ads Approved *UPDATED*

Hey guys it’s JRC here! In todays video I show you How to Get Facebook ads Approved with an update. I want to start off by by giving credit to dropkick ads for sharing the update they always do a great job! In this video I go over 4 example of getting your ads approved , I go over the few facebook ad updates, and I also show you have to get great ideas for any ad you want to create.

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5 Thoughts to “How to Get Facebook ads Approved *UPDATED*”

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  2. is there anyway to check fb ad primary description text to know before hand if it will work or Not ??

  3. Hello thanks for your video but i think m case is kind of weird i was wondering if you could help me! Last night i went to publish 5 of my ads sets and it was approved by the time it was morning. So this afternoon i edited one of the ad set slightly and it went into review. So a couple hours later i checked into the ads manager i realised all the ads got disapproved. I tried to publish them again but i get disapproved within 30mins. Any idea whats going on ? Thank you very much

  4. Hi thanks for the good info. I watched both of your videos but in this last one you didn't mention to use the FB Image Text Check… Also, on question: you're talking about the image on the ad. Does FB restriction applies also to the image I selected for my page? Thank you

  5. My ads not getting approved by facebook as my campaign not categorized into US credit, employment and housing ads. As per policy my product is not fall into these three category…. So i'm not selecting it. But facebook every time reject it and ask me to select category…. Which category I need to select for general health related product? Please help me ASAP

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