In this video I show you how to get more Facebook Page likes in 2020.

In fact, I have used this exact strategy to generate 80,000+ Facebook Page likes on my own Facebook Page.

Facebook Page likes have fallen out of fashion recently, but they can still have a lot of value.

And it’s easy and inexpensive to get Facebook Page likes. So it’s definitely something I would recommend as part of a comprehensive Facebook Marketing strategy.



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  2. Thanks for your advice, Ben! I've used the worldwide audience for $25/day and I got 3,200 likes in 2 days. I now duplicated the campaign to target US audience only (nothing else changed) and the likes number plunged to 20/day. Any ideas why this happened?

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  6. For the first time I have watched a YouTube video that is truthful unlike the make $100 an hour video,this is cool man .I have requested to join your Facebook group

  7. These days, what is the average cost per "like" generated using FB ads?

    Great video, excellent content 👌 👏

  8. Sadly the format you shared didn't appear as you had it when I tried to set this up in 2020 … 🙁

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  10. thank you for this video!!!!❤️

  11. This was the best tutorial I found for page likes. Thanks so much for this, Ben!

  12. Hi Ben do you have link on how to get more likes and followers on facebook page without spending money?

  13. Wish I could give this a love. Thank you 😃

  14. Hi Ben. thanks for the video. How long do you recommend posting the ad? Will 24hrs do the trick?

  15. I tested this out at $1 a day for 4 days. I got 115 new likes. Shows it works.

  16. Your volume is too low, sounds like you are 5 ft. away from your mic.

  17. How do I get the like button on my Facebook page. I cant fond anyone who shows how to do this who speaks English.

  18. Hello Ben, can I post my facebook page free on Facebooks Ads Mastermind Group to generate likes?

  19. Hi Ben, how much are page likes from just my locality ( Sussex ) going to cost me…. I'd be more interested in those likes eventually converting into a few sales. I appreciate your point that the audience would be tiny, but does this mean it wouldn't work, or would it just take forever to reach my objective of a few hundred or thousand page likes? Cheers mate! 😊

  20. How much content do you need on your facebook page for this to work?

  21. Hi Ben, I set up this campaign exactly like you showed, but for some reason my estimated daily page likes is only 13-43 for a £15 daily budget, even though worldwide is selected as the location?

  22. I was a bit skeptical, but WOW! On a small budget of $10 a day for 1 week, in two days, I went from 240 likes to 1,900 likes and it just keeps growing. I chose worldwide and it works well because my service can be purchased worldwide. Great video!!!

  23. Great tutorial but i see some ads where the three options below the page does not show. I am talking about Like Comment and Share buttons. How to do that??

  24. Great tutorial! Thank you 🙂

  25. I've tried this strategy. And I got around 1200 likes on a Post, but when I invited them to like my page, hardly 20-30 people did. Why is that?

  26. The first 3 minutes of this video is "why" to generate likes not "how" to generate likes. Past this when I go to create an ad I am not given the option to type in create a likes campaign etc., I am given 8 boxed options none of which are increase likes/follows?

  27. Hi Ben, thanks for the video, i can’t find u on Facebook, I have a political fan page and I need someone to help me increase the likes, I page was active 3 months ago n have 11.6k followers, I really needed someone who know best this things to manage the account at least for 2 months. So please let me know if u can help.. thank u

  28. hi ben! how many ads should you run to get more likes much faster

  29. Great video! Thank you. How do you actually invite people who liked your page to the group? I don't see this option anywhere.

  30. Worldwide is terrible. 90% of the likes are from bot farms who will never ever engage with your profile.

  31. Well done, great advice. We were able to get over 3,300 likes and follows on our Facebook Page using the Worldwide view and stopping at the $25 mark in a 24 hour time period. Thank You so much and now less than a day later we are now getting organic likes still and we haven't even been adding more content yet, this works and works well. God Bless!

  32. you inspired me ! see , i did this a long time ago and it was random, Im managed to grow page to "10,000" likes (died now, not active), and I didn't know what I was doing back then. now I'm struggling to justify that my new pages is worth a like !. just today I launched an ad in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Tunisia and morocco FB AD, engagement costed 0,01 to 0,003 $ per engagement. posts gone viral, I tried to invite everyone to like my page (got banned from doing this action for a while) and didn't cross the 104 likes (age of page 3 days). now by viewing the video, I'm certain this gonna work!

  33. I have general product as Pet Product, Beauty & Health, Sport & Fitness, Baby Care, Home & Kitchen, Consumer Electronic, How to write the description to attract people to like Facebook page? Thank

  34. Hi Ben, I just started a Facebook page for my business and I stumbled on your youtube video. I love your video. It's so precise, no bullshit intros. This video really helped me a lot in knowing how to grow my Facebook page for my business. I'm just gonna binge-watch all your videos today while eating popcorn. Thanks for the helpful tips, Love you!

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