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How To Find Retail Arbitrage Items | know stock levels and what stores have

How To Find Retail Arbitrage Items | know stock levels and what stores have

How To Find Retail Arbitrage Items | know stock levels and what stores have. How i do this and how i find products by retail arbitrage at places like Wal-mart, Target, Lowe’s, and Office Depot. I find the items and know the store has them before i even go so i can sell the products on Amazon FBA.

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22 thoughts on “How To Find Retail Arbitrage Items | know stock levels and what stores have

  1. You seem like you know what you’re looking for. “Well, I do!” 😂 Amazing how much you have been able to make technology work for you. You are very kind to share your knowledge with the masses.

  2. Great video! Thx for always being 100% transparent. After watching several of FBA videos, yours are the one I always come back to. Keep doing what you’re doing 😀

  3. I really appreciate the content, but the ads are just way too frequent. I often listen while doing chores around the house etc., and having to go to the screen every five minutes to skip the ad makes me not want to watch. Is that you setting the time intervals for ads, or YouTube? I see this one has a lot of views, maybe that's why.

  4. This is a new app when you did this your so full of shit. This app is not accurate at all i have used this app sense this has been done and i went to 8 different walmarts and none of them had the items. I wasted my time. You act like your something with this app, your not. those who have used it are laughing at you. haven't found a good software yet that i would trust. sad

  5. Is there any more like these website or apps


  7. Does anyone know the Canadian equivalent to brickseek?

  8. Thanks so much Shane for this, this really does work I am making more cash because of your tip. You are awesome!!

  9. Thanks so much for the awesome tips!..I just subscribed a few days ago ..looking to get into reselling so I'm soaking up all the info I can! And again I truly appreciate the helpful vids! So Keep 'em coming! It isn't often that you find people so willing to share their success ! So hats off to you Shane! And thank you again from your new friend & follower in Texas!

  10. do you still think the extreme
    membership is the way to go?

  11. Thanks brother….I needed this. I’m just about ready to start selling on Amazon.

  12. I've been using brickseek for awhile and they suck. Nothing is in stock and if it is the price is alot more than what brickseek says

  13. Thanks for the video. I have been selling eBay for many years, but I always source from thrift stores. I keep hearing about retail arbitrage but I could never seem to find the deals. Watched your video and said, "screw it" and I signed up for brick seek. Found some really great flips at the Walmart by my house. Stopped on my way to work and bought $180 worth of sales for $20. The stock numbers were right on. In fact, the store guy said they didn't have it – but I asked him nicely if he could double check if I gave him a barcode. He scanned it and went to the back of the store to get 5 of the 7 items I bought. It feels too good to be true, TBH. Items are listed on eBay and ready to roll.

    One of these days I might even start dabbling with Amazon FBA…

  14. Wonderful info!! Thanks for sharing. I liked video and subscribed bc you were so upfront and helpful…

  15. P S

    Yes Walmart has stuff on the shelf and the app doesn’t even list it. You get a “not found”. They do stock all where it should be found tho.

  16. I work in retail for Target and the On Hand for us doesn't necessarily mean we have it in stock. It could say (0 on floor 0 in back 10 on hand), and we could very well have some of those in the store some where, there's just NO way to know where to locate them, because like you said, they could have been stolen, damaged, etc. My biggest tip is to check the end-caps and clearance areas – also call into the store with the number ready so they can check their stock and sales floor so you don't waste time.

  17. Brickseek will say one price but when I search that same product on the company's website it's totally different. Is that normal?

  18. Dude as someone who is trying to transition from more of an eBay business to start in retail arbitrage this is as good of a video as I could have ever hoped for. A sincere thanks.

  19. Thanks for the great info I’ve started looking but have ahead the same problem with them saying they don’t have it. Even when brick seek says they have about three or so. So my question is would it be better to just use the 30 version and shop the today only??

  20. Thanks man. Legit just found out about RA today. Don't know how i stumbled into vids about it but now I'm gettin excited. Huge.

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