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How to Find Manufacturers To Create a Product and Sell On Amazon

How to Find Manufacturers To Create a Product and Sell On Amazon

Step by step how to find and work with Manufacturers to create your own product or private label and Amazon FBA Product!

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48 thoughts on “How to Find Manufacturers To Create a Product and Sell On Amazon

  1. I have so many ideas that I want to create that I'm most definitely sure that will sale tremendously I'm very passionate about all of my ideas I just don't know the first place to start I don't know who to talk to to make patterns and manufacturer them and honestly I am nervous on sharing my ideas because I don't want anyone to take them I understand you supposed to copyright them but can I copyright an idea before it's created? I mean don't I have to create the ideal and then copyrighted it? and I just don't know where I can find that type of support and hope that won't try to steal my ideas

  2. please do a video on amazon shipping 🙂
    please also send the link to the facebook group to find the freight forwarder information

  3. The natural products expo west doesn't show what it is showing on this video,

  4. You are right – the interviewer interrupts. And why stop – let the man talk. Good for the inventor. What else did he invent?

  5. Do you need LLC and patent paperwork before manufacturing??

  6. I’m just starting out in life and am wondering, what is the best way I can get money to actually start manufacturing my first product? What’s the best route I can take to make decent money fast? Is there a way I can manufacture a product for free? Are there products that are cheap enough to fund with a minimum wage job?

  7. Let’s say your manufacture it’s in China, how is the log or design going to get there? Do I pay who ever is designing the log to ship it to china?

  8. But couldn’t the manufacturer just take your idea without a patent and sell them themselves, not criticizing just wondering because I would like to know. Great video by the way

  9. Travis you are the best, I came across to your channel and I am in love with your content, I have great ideas to create my own product and I didn't know how to start, I might need a personal consult with you.. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information..

  10. thank you so much for this!!!!! Im so fearful of the manufactures just recreating and selling my design to everyone, is there any way to make sure that doesn't happen

  11. Anyone have any success selling their product? Idk what I wanna make and sell yet, but I wanna be rich so I can buy a car and house soon, a good video!

  12. Hi Travis, awesome info. Have you got any tips on planning/forecasting the inventory? Or predictions on sales? Thank you 🙂

  13. Im 11 years old making a cleaning product

  14. 99% fail? Where did you get that?

  15. Hey I am looking for a manufacturer.can you help me

  16. YouTube goldmine award 🏆

  17. Thanks for the very informative explanation. How do you protect your unique product from being sold by the manufacturer to other buyers?

  18. Great vid! One question I need advice on is who actually owns the product when having it developed by a manufacturer. Using your product as an example, is the recipe owned by you or them? If you own it then what did you need to pay to ensure ownership and if you're just renting the recipe then how did you go about ensuring manufacturer costs do not increase? A little bit of info here would be greatly appreciated.

  19. I invented and patented something in the USA. Billions of people could use my invention. How do I get started?

  20. What’s your affiliate link for 99designs?

  21. You’re like the Garand Thumb of business

  22. Thanks Travis, this is very helpful. I was wondering, do you patent your products before beginning this process? How important would you say it is to get this done before sharing details with manufacturers?

  23. Travis, did you make a video for how to send our package to the warehouse? I can't wait to learn.

  24. Hi Travis. Really enjoying your content on this channel! What are your thoughts on using a sourcing agent ? Especially if looking to manufacture overseas..

  25. How and where can I find mentors

  26. A G

    Very Good vid!! Well explained.

  27. I'm setting up a dropship product with aliexpress. My challenge is finding a manufacturer on there that will ship within a week or 2. Is that possible and how do you recommend I go about researching that information?

  28. How much money can you start selling on Amazon?

  29. Love your video! Very thoughtful.
    Just want to ask you: If I make my product a slightly different and better, Should I make a design patent or trademark or copyright? Or just tell the factory to make the products I want and sale them on Amazon asap? Please let me know. Thank you!

  30. I love the box for the Vino Cards. Is there any chance you guys might be willing to share the manufacture? I'm not in your sector. I'm creating yoga learning cards.

    my ig if you want it to be low pro:


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  32. When you're just after quotes, do you send a confidentiality agreement to them as well? What happens if you want to trademark the product's design in the future but you're not at that step yet? When asking, "hey can you make this product" do you attach the design along with it or get that signed confidentiality agreement first?

  33. Everybody clap your hands for Mr hustle 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💯

  34. But they say you can't buy from Alibaba and sell on Amazon?

  35. Why not sell and ship everything yourself? it seems you would keep more of your money that way? do a Video on that!

  36. Could the people on Alibaba steal your ideas??

  37. We are the original coat hangers manufacturer from China (also can produce some little wood and metal stuff gift), since 1996, welcome to http://www.betterallgroup.com for further information.

  38. what's the name of the Facebook group?

  39. Where is the link for 99designs you mentioned @travismarziani?

  40. Thanks for sharing. I am looking for a licensee to launch my patented feline pet toy. Can't financially start a business only on one product. Advice is warmly welcome. Under a licensing agreement with my manufacturer he screwed me.

  41. yes can you do video about the shipment, not only in the USA but also in Germany

  42. Thank you amazing video… Now my question is just to make sure I have got this right… Are you suggesting find the right supplier for your product BEFORE the branding then spend time creating the branding.

    My ponder is… Is it easy to maintain the original quote per unit including ALL the BRANDING… After spending say up to two months having the branding created… Then re_approaching the supplier again maintaining the same quote… Hope that makes sense… Thanks for your time awesome channel.

  43. Hy Travis, I find your video very helpful, but what I wanted to hear is the topic "patents checking" NDA with manufactureres in Alibaba ?
    How to do assure ther after you designed your logo brand, they will not selling the ideea to their bigger clients?
    I think this will be very interesting to approach in your videos.
    Keep it up with the good videos and infos.

  44. Hi Travis. Can you shed some light on how to protect your product from being copied by the Chinese manufacturers? I have a US provisional patent for my invention and want to be sure that I protect the IP before attempting to send inquiries on manufacturing it.

  45. So I had a product made for me in China…. it was a cheap item ..not worth patent…cause it was cheap and the product don't exist but….after I paid for the product and get it delivered… I saw my product all over the place…how do you stop them from taking your idea and selling it to someone else

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