How To Find BRAND NAME Wholesale Suppliers For Amazon fba

How To Find BRAND NAME Wholesale Suppliers For Amazon fba

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I will be giving away two great methods, in this video, apply them and go find those suppliers.

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29 Thoughts to “How To Find BRAND NAME Wholesale Suppliers For Amazon fba”

  1. Make sure you stay until the end to make sure you take advantage of BOTH methods I show here. Hope this helps everyone!

  2. Petra sucks. Just a heads up. I've used them.

  3. you should do a video of a conversation you have with a new supplier

  4. Love your channel
    New subscriber

  5. thats was a great simple presentation. loved it!!

  6. To buy wholesale and sell items do I need any documentation or license like for tax?

  7. You can also look up Trade Shows, go to distributor lists, and find 100’s of suppliers. Go to Google, pick a category you are interested, put that category plus “trade show”, and find the distributor lists, and contact as many as you want to find products to wholesale.

  8. Hey how long have you been doing this?
    What's your success rate? Rather, have you made a fair living and have your students?
    Last one lol
    Do you have a website or contact information?

    Your course is half what a lot of people are charging and you give awesome information for free to start.

    Really hope to hear from you!

  9. Do you need a sellers permit to buy from these vendors ?

  10. Hey! This is great thank you for sharing!!

  11. Is this normal for distributors to do?
    Providing on-hand inventory reports – $5.00 each. Educate customer then implement charge
     Reboxing Fee/Split Order for multiple Amazon Destinations/Amazon Destination(s) determined after
    order has been picked – $15.00
     Re-Labeling Fee – (Cover UPC’s on outside of cases)
    o Box Level – $2.00 per box
     Return Handling Fee – $25.00 plus freight
     Registration Fee – $25.00 – Collected at time application is placed. Covers the cost of setting up the
    account, including multiple ship-to addresses, and first inventory report.

  12. LOL that's funny when a man knows all those lol dolls, Shopkins and stuff 🙂 I have an 8 year old daughter and I am a woman, that's how I know of those 🙂

  13. All the products I send into FBA from wholesalers end up being a price war. I don't understand how this is better than online arbitrage. It doesn't seem to be a great business model unless you can bundle or bring new products onto Amazon. Even bundling seems confusing.

  14. How do we know if we have the right to sell name brands?

  15. ​appreciate ur u-tubes – I always watch – on Amazon, item named "xyz pen" is being sold by xyz store – does it mean it is a private label and I can not list same 'exact' pen?

  16. Nice video man. Thanks for the information

  17. Interesting video. I'm curious. Why would distributors want to use e-commerce sellers when they can just do it themselves?

  18. Hi, I'm trying to do retail arbitrage but whatever deals I see on slickdeals, eBay Daily Deals, Dealsnews, Best Buy that I could make some good profits and the product itself ranks high on Amazon I get a restriction. When I request for approval it's asking me for at least 1 purchase invoice for products from a manufacturer or distributor. My question is are companies like B&Hphoto and Best Buy Distributors? Would a receipt from them work? I really don't want to get 10 or 20 items that I will later find out I can't sell them. TIA

  19. Hi there, thanks for the helpful information… Two questions;
    The process is the same for Canada, isn't it? Any extra tips for Canada?
    What is the extension giving you all the keywords and numbers etc on your chrome browser?

  20. thanks for this, other people want us to buy a $997 course in order for him to show us lmao

  21. Thanks for the straight forward information! Excited to start our online business😊Any tips for newbies?

  22. Is the ASD your primary method?

  23. Marvin, thanks for all of your help! I'm soaking up and applying everything I can. I have a question when it comes to getting product to Amazon's warehouse. So I know that in seller central, one would essentially put in the dimensions of the palette or the packages being shipped into amazon. Once all the dimensions are entered, amazon will then allow for you to print a label. So my question comes in with payment for the shipment… does amazon require the payment to be paid 1st before the freight company will deliver to amazon or will Amazon's freight service pick up the product and simply charge my seller's account for the shipment? Like am I required to pay fedex or ups before they pick up the packages from the supplier's warehouse or does Amazon simply invoice me for the shipment after Amazon has received it in their warehouse?

  24. would it be possible to do this from mexico

  25. Really helpful video. What exactly do you say when you call? Do you mention your an amazon seller? How do you pitch yourself exactly? Thanks man great content!

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