How to EFFECTIVELY Promote Your Business in 2020

How to EFFECTIVELY Promote Your Business in 2020

How to Effectively Promote Your Business 2020 | Best Marketing Strategies

Promoting your business can seem very overwhelming, especially when you are a start-up or solo-preneur without a designated marketing team. In this video, I share my top tips on how to best market your business so you can make more money, while not spending tons of money on ads. I’ve grown to a 6-figure company without spending thousands of dollar on marketing/branding and want to help you do the same!

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I’m Erin and I’m a full-time entrepreneur. I have a digital marketing & video production company called Erin On Demand. I teach entrepreneurs how to stand out online through content marketing, digital strategy, and video production. I’ve worked with companies from National Geographic, to local mom & pop shops, helping them attract create compelling content that attracts their target audience. This channel, takes you through my journey of building my business from the ground up, while sharing information on how I market, strategize, and operate in my business… to hopefully help you build yours!


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42 Thoughts to “How to EFFECTIVELY Promote Your Business in 2020”

  1. How I wish this is how all university lecturers taught us. Girl, you are so good and I hope you have a course on UDEMY or somewhere. Will apply everything. I studied communication and media too.

  2. I’m starting my business, as I wast h this I’m waiting for my samples and researching marketing, Instagram deleted it and made me verify that Im a business owner and it made it so real and I got it back! So now I’m researching how to use my Instagram to its fiullest potential and this was so helpful! Thank you so much for helping us learn to help ourselfs! Inspirational xx

  3. Awesome video, very informative!
    Thank you

  4. Saw your post on fb. Now subscribed

  5. Very informative content but my question would be do you think it is just the digital platforms that can create impact? Being a small business owner, I benefited a lot using print materials. I got posters , flyers, window clings, labels and stickers printed from 4OVER4 and then combined it with word spread through social channels… It helped me to reach out to several customers. I believe the tactile promotion of business is equally important and it best goes hand in hand with digital promotions.

  6. You're awesome!!! These were great Thanks!

  7. Yes! People always ask me if they are competition in the government contracting market for what they do. Great intro!

  8. Yo Erin, this is a super helpful video! Ill definitely be using your advice and taking action. Thanks!

  9. this was super amazing learned so much

  10. Hello Erin! Loved the video.
    I have a fragrance that I created for men and women, and I would like to try the story telling method but not sure what story to tell . Could u possibly just give me an example. Just a small one ?

  11. Thank you! I needed this! I am in need of some direction with my brand as well! I’m joining the club!

  12. Also a combination of soft and hardselling will work for my business

  13. Ill definitely try storytelling

  14. Great info, exactly what I needed to hear, thank you!

  15. All these tips are on point Erin . You are an amazing inspiration boss babe🤗

  16. Thank you!! amazing amazing amazing!!!! loved all of these tips. I am going to implement all of this.

  17. Love this! Can you please share how dou you do those animated graphics, letters coming in and out? Do you use presets?

  18. I like the fact that you say double down on two platforms. That’s what I am currently doing since the last two months. I am on Tik Tok and YouTube. And those two are working for me. I still can’t figure out Instagram I only have one video that went viral on there. But thank you for the tips and information as doubling down on two platforms is currently working for me.

  19. My legal name is A- A ron

  20. I really need advice I started a brand but it's not growing

  21. I have been struggling with my boutique I’m so glad I stumbled upon this video. Thank you 😊

  22. The top 3 tip, was such a great & smart one! Will def do that 👍🏽 ➡️ subscribed!

  23. Lady you are blessed !! I have stumbled onto your videos and I feel these were God sent ! Love the content and I definitely learned a lot

  24. Yes thank you girl!! Your content is SO refreshing and knowledgable. Just started my first ecommerce business and these tips will def come in handy!

  25. Thank you ma…I want to start branding and promoting other people's businesses as my business

  26. Great tips! I want to use all the strategies 😍❣❣❣

  27. I have a pen & notebook taking notes. I noticed you mentioned a chemist, may I know who she is. Thanks so much.

  28. im promoting my favorite athletes my favorite actress and my favorite artist on twitter

  29. You dropped some serious gems in your video, and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge!!!! One point that stood out to me the most that I truly learned from is capitalizing on micro-influencers. Thank you!!!!

  30. First vid I’ve seen of yours and I am subscribing now, you did a great job.

  31. I have a Buisness and looking for good marketing tools How can we contact you

  32. I love this!!!!!! I have a credit repair business and I just started, and man I feel like I want to quit, but I know my business is only going to give me what I put into it.watching this video I definitely know how to promote my business on social media more organically I will be more creative and like not bland. because of carona I’m not able to make that face to face I normally would bumping into someone at the store and having a casual convo that leads to me talking about my business. But either way I love this video it helped me a lot and motivated me too. Thank you

  33. I struggle with promoting my business I just want people to magically appear and buy my wreaths 🤦🏽‍♀️ this video was helpful

  34. I’m done promoting other people if I can’t promote my own businesses in the same or stronger manner. I just subscribed.. loved all the tips.

  35. This is so helpful! Thank you🙏🏿

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