How to Easily Create a Multilingual WordPress Site

Not all websites are in English or just a single language. Are you looking to have your site boe more than one language? W’ve helped many users understand the tools to make their sites multilingual. In this video, we will show you how to easily create a multilingual WordPress site.

For our first recommended method we will be using the polylang plugin that you are able to find here:

The plugin will add a Languages section to your site where you can select the languages to list as available to your visitors. Start by adding the native language as you want all languages including the language your posts are originally in. There will be no posts set to either languange and you should have an option at the top of the page to include all of the posts into the default language.

With that set up you can begin editing the posts to have a version in a different language. There are two methods to begin setting up the posts in your other languages you can either edit the post and on the top right there will be a plus icon next to the language flag or you can click the plus icon on the post you want to add to when viewing the list of your posts.

The second method you could use to translate your site would be the Google Language Translator plugin found here:

With the plugin installed and activated you would want to go under Settings, Google Language Translator and ensure that the Plugin status is checked for it to be active for the plugin to work properly. From that settings page you will be able to select the languages you want to translate your site into for your visitors. The translations for your site to become multilingual are automatically generated by Google with this method.

Text version of this tutorial

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34 Thoughts to “How to Easily Create a Multilingual WordPress Site”

  1. is it can translation automation depend your IP belong to。

  2. Thank you so much short and sweet. easy to understand easy to do.

  3. Best tutorial, neat and clear topic guidance.

  4. Hey, what about SEO? How does it work then?

  5. Hi there!
    Great tutorial!
    Just one quick question: when I add the Language Switch the main menu says (in red): "There are invalid menu items. Check or delete them."
    What does this mean?
    Many thanks!
    Best regards,

  6. Wow, very straight forward and direct to the important info , thanks alot

  7. N K

    As usual, really great tutorial. I would like to know – with the first version, where will be the french version on the blog? I want a French category int he menu on the top, where the visitor can simply switch to the french content. Is it what the first version you showed will look like ?

  8. Hey thank you for your video. Is it possible to have the two plugins working together? Let me explain. I want to use the google plugin to translate to french, but I have some articles which I want to translate to french using a lot of slang words, therefore just for those do I want to use polylang. So is it possible?

  9. Thank youuu!!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  10. Amazing straightforward tutorial. I'm having an issue with in Translation feature: as it only allows me to type the title and description of each page and post. but the remaining block contents are empty. Do I need to insert everything again?

  11. Love your videos. They are straight forward and easy to follow!! Have recommended your site to my friends already.

  12. Simple, straight to the point tutorial. Thank you for eliminating all the unnecessary fluff 🙂

  13. I use Shop Isle and I simply cannot have my slider translated and I cannot set my own links for the respective languages… Anybody got any ideas? Then I'll have to look for another plugin :/ Anyway… Thx for the video 😀

  14. thank u thank u thank u thank u soooooooooooooo much

  15. With Polylang, when you select a page/article with its "doble" version in another language, does the page/article appear with all its contents (pictures, videos, links etc), so we only have to translate the text, keeping the structure and features of the original page/article? Or else do we have to build the whole article again with all its contents from scratch?

  16. It would be easier to make a duplicate of a page and then just change the text to another language than building the whole page again

  17. You need to speak more slowy and evidently !! good video

  18. when i switch to translate the website the site cant be reached, the server ip address could not be found. please help … much love and appreciation

  19. How can I switch languages on my site? I mean if I can add icon with flag on page with Polylang?

  20. One comment that is important for transportation video :
    On the first screen you showing the word "Hello" written in many languages.
    The word in Hebrew is wrong written. The latters' order is messed up. Instead of being written from right to left, it is written from left to right and you are presenting a word that doesn't exist.
    The word should be this way:

  21. what's that fancy language switching pop up you got there?

  22. hi, i have made all my pages with elementor. Can i use it too to make translations as you have shown? THX

  23. If you translate the pages by yourself, how will it show up on the website?

  24. Ultimately informational! 👧🏿

  25. Any translate plugin for woocommerce??

  26. Can you help me please? when i install and activate Polylang it doesnt appear the languages option on the left menú, any advice?

  27. Hey, is it true that I need the business plan in order to install this plug in? or is there another way? I have the Premium Plan…

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