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How to Easily Analyze Facebook Ad Results With 3 Custom Reports

How to Easily Analyze Facebook Ad Results With 3 Custom Reports

Want to save time analyzing your Facebook ads results? Looking for an easy way to create custom reporting in ads manager? Facebook ads expert Amanda Bond shares three custom reports to help you quickly analyze your Facebook ad performance: ROI Snapshot Report, Lead Progress Report, and Engagement Report.

Find out how to create and save each report in your Facebook Ads Manager and how to use each report to analyze ad performance.

You’ll also learn how to share these custom reports with others who have access to your Facebook ad account.

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11 thoughts on “How to Easily Analyze Facebook Ad Results With 3 Custom Reports

  1. Great video… Why I do not see “website purchase” on my column list?

  2. Great Video! What's the reason you don't track "uniques" and prefer "general"? Clicks and not just Outbound Clicks, ATC and not Unique ATCs or IC instead of UIC or PUR instead of UPUR etc? Doesn't that dilute your results with lots of actions that don't add to the KPI-Funnel?

  3. This was sooo helpful! Thank you, Amanda!

  4. Love laying down the foundational basics. Anyone who watches this and gets familiar with these metrics will INSTANTLY become a better Facebook advertiser.

  5. Thank for this. But for some reason in my ads manager, I don't see the "report" button to share.

  6. Great content! What KPI do you think is the most important when running a Facebook ad?

  7. Awesome content! Will watch many times. Super valuable.

  8. Excellent Amanda did you ever answer my question from the last video? I will ask again Do these metrics also apply to boosted posts? Thanks for your excellent videos.

  9. Awesome info! Had two covered and adding the third 🙂

  10. I always find values in your videos

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