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How to Dropship from Aliexpress for beginners | How to dropship on amazon or ebay

How to Dropship from Aliexpress for beginners | How to dropship on amazon or ebay

How to dropship from Aliexpress onto eBay, Amazon and Shopify. This is how you do product research for your eBay dropshipping business with Zik Analytics.

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How to Dropship from Aliexpress for Beginners

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37 thoughts on “How to Dropship from Aliexpress for beginners | How to dropship on amazon or ebay

  1. We’re can I get the dropship website are app

  2. how do you dropship? buy bulk items from aliexpress and ask aliexpress to deliver it to amazon warehouse? kindly enlighten me. e. g. you need to buy like quantity of 50 doorlocks, what if u cant sell all

  3. do you need to have an agreement with the suppler at all

  4. ps i also have a shopify store does this work with shopify. and some of my products are on ebay.that auto ds uploaded.

  5. hi paul just purchase auto ds 1$ trrial , not sureof what i'm doing I have a ebay store. .now what i did was up load my product what i got was 505 unwatch listing .how do i remedy this and ebay only allows 10 listing .how too solve this or am i just to stay with 10 items ……help please really excited about the potential …but a break was put on my excitement.

  6. is there delays when shipping from aliexpress us warehouse to USA?

  7. How do you set up shipping with Aliexpress from your shopify store Darryl

  8. Same issue on every tutorial. How the hell do I drop ship?! I have to actually get the item and send it to my buyer? Or how?

  9. What shipping policies are you using for ebay??? Can you do a video showing the steps to setting this up???

  10. But if the product is already selling well, how can you beat your concurrents that have plenty of reviews

  11. hello Paul. best regards for your video. .i have just one question. please can you answer ? okey. i put some prudect.i mean i added in amazon. after that if somebody order from my shop, i will sent from ali express. and iwill write their address. i understand this too. but how i can get confirm shipment tracking id number ? aliexpress also gave me about tracking number ? after delivery ship ? or what ? i dont want to something mistakes. thank you.

  12. As soon as i can afford your course i will take it!!

  13. Great Video im gonna check out your links!!!

  14. I made £65 profit in one day just by selling those tws headphones

  15. How do you keep end buyer from seeing the cost?

  16. i couldn’t find any video to explain clear to show step by step how to do dropship. all i see show us products and price

  17. Can you highlight the faster shipping times by showing ‘from USA’ rather than ‘from China’

  18. What's the difference between AliExpress and Alibaba? Furthermore, you need a legal company name to create an alibaba account. Does this mean your shopify site is a legal company name to use?

  19. The title of this video is inaccurate.

  20. So I been dropshipping from amazon to eBay they weren’t happy I was copying and pasting listing descriptions photos etc who else has dealt with this?

  21. Thanks for sharing.
    And my question is Amazon drop shipping Rules does not allow us having that the original seller ships directly to our customers
    So what is the solution ?

  22. If I sell an item on ebay and drop ship it from aliexpress, do they put a receipt in the package with the amount I paid?

  23. But consumers can just directly buy from AliExpress . So why go thru drop shipping?

  24. Question: After yuo receive an order in your shopify store, do you have to go back to Aliexpress place an order with the shipping address of your customer? Thanks

  25. sooooooo People on aliexpress are Increasing there prices CASUE of people are being a dick and using them? right?

  26. Always these vids are about products and choosing products – but that's an obvious learning curve and I need to know HOW to do it – what to click and where and why and what happens then etc – for whatever product. Because I can't see anything on AliE that leads to the listing appearing on ebay ..how do yo do this?

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  28. Hello. How do you manage the product return if needed ? Do you have terms and condition explaining the product has to be return to you and then you will return to China ? Or the have to return to China directly ?

  29. Hello, I want to share with you a cashback platform that I am pleased with.
    I have been using it for 1 year for shopping on Aliexpress, also for Booking it can be used
    In most cases, Aliexpress gives me about 6.9% cashback on purchase value (for some categories and less), and there are weekly coupons of 20-30% off for certain products

    How do I get cashback?
    To get this cashback, just before logging in to Aliexpress, you simply log in first through the World of retail platform and from there on Aliexpress. I have had 3 cash payments so far and no problems

    If you shop frequently or are a merchant, you can also benefit from registering here.

  30. Hi, do I need to have account on Aliexpress, or I don,t need, becouse You don,t tell as , about account on Aliexpress !

  31. Interesting video, but please explain the actual procedure for posting an ad on Amazon that will dropship from Aliexpress. Do you have to find the product first and post under someone else's ad? Or, do you create your own ad. Just how does this work?

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