How To Download Your Entire Media WordPress Media Library – WP File Manager WordPress Plugin

Want to download all the images in your wordpress media library? You can install a plugin that allows you to simply access your cpanel through your wordpress dashboard and download all the images in your wordpress media library! The wp file manager wordpress plugins allows you to download all the images from your wordpress media dashboard! You can simply access the cpanel and download them right away

I would personally just use it when you need it and than deactivate it once done.

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16 Thoughts to “How To Download Your Entire Media WordPress Media Library – WP File Manager WordPress Plugin”

  1. How about the ID? It remain the same when you upload the file to another site?

  2. This was so helpful! Thanks!

  3. I really really REALLY do NOT advice a newbie to access their cPanel or File Manager of their server! Not safe and once deleted without backups it's gone for good.

  4. If it had a database download or upload tool it 'd be whole great transfer tool,too! But even this way, it is great. Thanks for letting us know, man.You're great!

  5. That was an awesome video tut! That being said, I think the safer way would be to just access the files through a FTP program and download them that way! FileZilla would be my preferred choice of tools to achieve that!

  6. Any plan on doing a tutorial for Divi Supreme modules ?

  7. nice vid. pls do a vid with school management and results?

  8. Can you please make one with GoDaddy on how to make a web hosting company please

  9. It's not really a cPanel, it's more like a FTP client. cPanel is much more than just a file manager.
    So hackers won't have access to entire your cPanel (domain management, emails, advanced security settings, billing info etc.).
    However, I do agree that if you're not using it regularly then remove it and make sure you give all the backend users only the necessary rights. For example, if you outsource blogging then they don't need rights to install plugins.

  10. i've been using it for the past year because I am on managed WP host and they do not have access to your files other than sFTP or SSH. So it is a quick way to modify your files.

  11. Thank you Darrel…great video! Hey, question for you…is having a large number of photos uploaded to a site adversely impact your site "load speeds"?

  12. Please make a tutorial for movie review, movie song lyrics & celebrity news full website

  13. Again an Awesome Video . Thanks a lot .

  14. Very useful.. You're awesome Darrel 😍

  15. Thanks for watching! This plugin also allows you to access your cpanel right from your wordpress dashboard which can be really convenient, definitely worth a try! Let me know if you have used this plugin for your wordpress website!

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