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How to do Twitter marketing and using Twitter in marketing your business

How to do Twitter marketing and using Twitter in marketing your business

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How to do twitter marketing and using twitter in marketing your business

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Have you ever considered using twitter in marketing your business or wondered how to do twitter marketing? In this post I’ll cover a simple twitter strategy for business, and answer the question of why use twitter for business.

Twitter Strategy for business: Utilize a pinned tweet to generate leads
One simple strategy to use in Twitter marketing, is by having your pinned tweet be a lead magnet. If you don’t know what a lead magnet is, it is some kind of value you offer to your target market, in exchange for their name, email, and phone number.

Why a pinned tweet as a lead magnet is such an effective Twitter strategy for business, is that it gets continual exposure to your followers.

Leverage through Twitter in marketing your business can be a great way to create passive leads and sales for your business. Apply using your pinned tweet to get leads as a very effective way hot to use Twitter for business marketing.

How to use Twitter for business marketing: Use your Bio as free advertising
Using you bio description as free advertising is a great way how to do Twitter marketing.

I personally say that I’m a Nerd, Gamer, and Home Business coach. It’s pretty simple and to the point, and then the rest of my bio description I can use as a Twitter strategy for business building.

You are allowed to put a link in your bio description in addition to your website. This gives you two options for you profile alone to do Twitter marketing.

One of the best Twitter marketing tips you can implement in your business is to add a lead magnet to your bio description. Then do a majority of your bio describing your lead magnet website link.

Twitter marketing tips: Have your website just go to your homepage or blog

Doing this is a good Twitter strategy for business because you will get more clicks and you should have a lead magnet on your site’s home page anyway.

This will help you increase traffic and that is probably the best use of Twitter in marketing.

The best use of Twitter in marketing and Twitter marketing is driving traffic

Twitter marketing can be an effective place to drive traffic to your offers and business. The great part about Twitter in marketing, is that you can automate a lot of the processes.

You can set up twitter marketing tools like social jukebox to set up large quantity of content reserves and distribute them on autopilot.

This is a great way how to use Twitter for business marketing because it can create leverage of your content distribution.

This can be great as twitter marketing for small business, because as a small business owner you have to wear many hats and your time is spread thin. Automating this part of Twitter in marketing can be a huge time saver while sharing value to your target market.

How to use Twitter for business marketing: Thank new followers and offer value
Why use Twitter for business? You can thank new followers and offer them more value to build relationships, generate leads, and drive traffic.

This Twitter strategy for business consists of thanking new followers and sending them something valuable to solve their problems or connect with you further. The emphasis on this Twitter marketing strategy is VALUE!

Don’t be spammy, lead with value as an effective way to use Twitter for marketing.

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