How to DEVELOP an Incredible WORK ETHIC! | Gary Vee (Evan Carmichael Remix)

How to DEVELOP an Incredible WORK ETHIC! | Gary Vee (Evan Carmichael Remix)

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✎ Gary believes that you have to work hard but also be patient. That you have to manage your time well if you want to succeed. And that not letting yourself burnout is very important! So in today’s video, I’m going to give you my take on Gary’s views on how to work hard and be patient as well!

✎ More about Gary Vaynerchuk. As a kid, he operated a lemonade-stand franchise. He was born in the Soviet Union. At age 14, he joined his family’s retail-wine business. He grew the family’s retail-wine business from $3 million to $60 million a year by 2005. He’s best known as a digital marketing and social-media pioneer at the helm of VaynerMedia and VaynerX. He has been featured in “The New York Times”, The Wall Street Journal, GQ, and Time. He is a regular keynote speaker at global entrepreneurship and technology conferences. He has made a number of personal investments as an angel investor. In 2017 Entrepreneur magazine put Vaynerchuk’s net worth at $160 million. In 2017 VaynerSports signed NFL draft participants including Jalen Reeves Maybin and Jon Toth.

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3 Thoughts to “How to DEVELOP an Incredible WORK ETHIC! | Gary Vee (Evan Carmichael Remix)”

  1. I loved this video. Thank you, Evan and Gary, for its construction and content. It was just what I needed this morning as was feeling really deflated with clients taking up all my time and not respecting me enough to pay me for it. I think this exercise is the little push I need today, so BIG thanks!!
    1. I need to stop complaining about clients wanting responses, e-mails and calls outside of their paid time with me and actually put my foot down, time limit them for productivity and start to be a little more disciplined with the word 'no'.

    2. Working on my personal projects which currently do not get finished because I give all my free time for free away to other people's agendas.

    3. First I need to restrict my time with clients to what they pay for and actually utilize the time I try to put aside for myself each week. I have projects and goals that are laying at the wayside, I don't want them to turn to dust. Even thinking about having a no-client week so I can launch my websites, finish that book and work on my passive income stream so I don't have to have as many clients in the future.


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