✅In this video we show you how to spot a vero violation, what they look like and how to deal with them on your easync store. The same principle will apply on any software as they all have vero lists. Some vero lists are stored by the software provider so you just have to send them the vero brand names and they will make sure they are added to their database and can’t be listed again. Please don’t ignore vero violations! 😀👍

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✅Hi everyone our names are Jono and Matt. We created Laptop Lifestyle UK in 2018 and now we are posting regularly on YouTube. Thankyou so much for watching one of our videos. E-commerce in 2020 is booming right now and it’s only going one way! So we decided we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to learn about Amazon to eBay Dropshipping and so you can make a FREE informed decision on whether or not you would like to start your business, which could change the rest of your life!

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to discover how to make money online, however definitely not a ‘get rich quick’ business model and is for anyone serious about putting in the hard work… Simple work, but Hard work. And then the Laptop Lifestyle can be achieved!

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