How To Create Facebook Special Ad Audiences For Real Estate Facebook Ads

How To Create Facebook Special Ad Audiences For Real Estate Facebook Ads

How To Create Facebook Special Ad Audiences For Real Estate Facebook Ads

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22 Thoughts to “How To Create Facebook Special Ad Audiences For Real Estate Facebook Ads”

  1. 🏑 Realtors! Get 15 Real Estate Leads In the Next 30 Days! Get started here πŸ‘‰

  2. Hey! I have a question: one of my clients is a realtor offering business services to other realtors (such as online business management process and systems). Facebook counts the ads we put up as related to housing, but I think this is a business service as we do not advertise to buyer and sellers. We target strictly realtors. However, FB doesn't want to run the ads. What shall we do? Surrender?

  3. This was incredibly helpful

  4. Hey Jason, great job and thank you. planning on watching more of your vids. Also the fact that you respond to every comment is huge. Keep up the good work.

  5. If I build a custom audience based off of website traffic ie last 180 days via the pixel does this automatically keep a rolling 180 days of said traffic? I ask because if I go in and use that audience a month late do I need to re-create a custom audience or can I continue to use the same audience.

  6. Jason, Great video!! I watched one similar to this, but yours goes way beyond anything else I have seen so far. Thanks so much, I had quit doing FB ads because of the new fb must crush real estate agents with new rules.

  7. This is so awesome! I am so grateful!

  8. Mines is not working right. How do I do the engagement one??

  9. Hey Jason! I dont see an option for special ad audience? ( And Yes I am in the USA)

  10. So can we no longer target specific lists of people? Like past clients to clients to create a referral funnel?

  11. Ho bro @jason.
    I couldnt dind the category box in my ads manager.
    How coould you get that fiture?

  12. Why doesn’t Facebook let you choose pay per lead for lead ads anymore in the settings

  13. I have heard you say in a few of these new FB ad videos that the inability to exclude other Realtors is not that big of a deal. What about those Realtors costing you additional money by clicking your ad?

  14. Thanks for the great info. Is there anything else they changed or just this?

  15. Hey bro, can you check ur DMs on Instagram from an account called @teccaleak thank you

  16. Thank you for explaining and breaking this information down.

  17. Cleared up so much!
    I believe the U.S. Special Ad compliance also applies to the UK, as Facebook wasn't allowing me to create normal real estate ads

  18. Great content… I'll try this strategy and make some tweaks because im not base in US.

  19. I literally was mulling this question over and your video covers it perfectly. Cheers!

  20. great run through! thanks for shooting this

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