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How to Create Facebook Lead Ads: Step-by-Step

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads: Step-by-Step

Want to collect more leads using Facebook? Have you considered using the platform’s built-in lead form feature?

Facebook ads expert Paul Ramondo shares, step-by-step, how to set up and use Facebook Lead Ads.

Learn when to use the More Volume or Higher Intent lead gen form options, how to add custom questions and fields to your form, and more.

You’ll even discover how to use exclusions to refine your ad targeting and optimize your results, and how to download your leads.

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20 thoughts on “How to Create Facebook Lead Ads: Step-by-Step

  1. Awesome information! Do you have any suggestions on a CRM software/site? I'm really just looking to connect it to FB so that all my leads flow into the CRM software in real time, and am hoping there's an option that automatically sends to a client/email? It just doesn't seem efficient to constantly have to download my lead sheet, organize that, and send it over to the client. Hoping to connect a CRM software that recognizes leads in real time and autmoatically sends to client?

  2. Brilliant information man. But next time you make a video, can you please slow down, because I had to pause and rewind again and again to understand and take notes??. But over all, brilliant stuff?

  3. was totally waiting for this channel …. you guyz are rocking

  4. Great content ? More knowledge compared to “Gurus”

  5. Thank you so much. How can I download my leads from my iphone within the FACEBOOK ADS app?

  6. Hello, I just launched a fb lead ads. But before I launchez it, my potential leads are 7-9. But after I launched and reviewed it, it displayed 0 potential leads. Why is that???

  7. Hi team! Would you please do a video about custom conversions? Not the custom events, but how to pull through your custom conversions once the dev has set them up. Thanks!

  8. Omg You are the greatest. This was very clearly explained. Good Job.

  9. Do you have another video showing where and how to put the fb pixel?

  10. I love the ???hopping!! Thanks for the trainng

  11. Excellent! Great ? stuff. I am not yet there, but I will in a few days..

  12. Thank you! I never knew that over on page publishing tools there was a list of the lead gen forms and drafts! I always make them inside Ads Manager (which is a pain). GREAT tip about saving a draft. I can't tell you how many times I've found an error and had to start over from scratch. Ugh.

    I use automate.io to connect my FB lead gen ads to MailChimp since it has an option to update an existing subscriber. (A Zapier alternative.) It works great and is relatively easy to use.

  13. What program are you using to record your screen?

  14. Great video
    In your videos learn so much
    Thank you so much
    I will pray for you all god bless you

  15. Awesome content! Thank you!

  16. Very Nice! I Just Did a Video on This Yesterday but Still Found Interesting Insights from Your Approach Too…Thanks!

  17. Awesome video, but man, could you talk any faster?? lol

  18. "Make like a kangaroo and hop on in." I'm dead ?

  19. Holy cow this was incredible info! I know that no other local competitors of mine are running ads like this, time to make a killing with killer ads!!!

  20. How do I prevent getting fake leads when I use the lead form?

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