How To Create Facebook Ads CONVERSION Campaigns

How To Create Facebook Ads CONVERSION Campaigns

Want to know how to create Facebook ads conversion campaigns?

We create dozens of Facebook ad campaigns for our clients every month and 90%+ of those are conversions campaigns.

Conversions is by FAR my favourite Facebook ads campaign objective and where you are likely to see the best results.

In this video I show you exactly how to create a Facebook conversion campaign.

I go through the entire Facebook ads conversion campaign creation process, step-by-step.

With this video you’ll know exactly how to generate fantastic results with conversion campaigns on Facebook.


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35 Thoughts to “How To Create Facebook Ads CONVERSION Campaigns”

  1. Thanks for watching guys! Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

  2. Thanks fo much for your video! I don't currently have any purchases for my new venture. I've set target to conversion & purchase, but my ad is not spending. Everything is approved and active.

  3. Hello Ben! Great video, it helped me a lot! I have one question though. I am promoting a Shopify store. I have been running some traffic campaigns in order to warm the audience. They brought a lot of content views, but only 3 add to card actions. Therefore, the store hasn't reached purchases yet, and I was wondering what kind of conversion ads should I use. When choosing the conversion event, the only active option is content views. The purchase, add to card or add payment info options have yellow dots (it has been more than 2 weeks since Pixels registered these actions). What do you recommend me to do? Should I create a conversion ad for content view? Should I continue with the traffic ads? Thank you!

  4. hi, how does this work for affiliate marketing? I don't own the website, I have a link shortener with a domain linked. The traffic is redirected through my domain and then to the affiliate website. So how am I gonna tell facebook what a purchase is when I can install a pixel on the website because it isn't mine?

  5. Hello there, can you help me with something? I want to promote my Facebook Page with option for Facebook Page Likes and I don’t want to show the section of reactions, comments and shares of promoting ad, I really don’t know how to do it. BTW great video bro


  6. The issue I'm running into is the audience on the conversion ad. I'm guessing I'll just have to create a custom audience separately then go back into creating my conversation ad because you cannot simply create an audience on the spot like you do when boosting a post! What a headache as I just got done fighting and figuring out the custom conversions and how pixels work and making sure it was set up properly🤣now I got another obstacle but I'm dedicated so I'll have to overcome it but I closed my laptop because the headache of Facebook lol. Facebook always makes everything more complicated its like you need to go to a college on running Facebook ads just to understand it. That's what's crazy

  7. how can u make a custom audience from scratch without any data?

  8. I have $450 to spend to try to get Health Insurance leads. What if I don't get enough leads to ever optimize the Conversion Campaign? I'm at about $1.50 per link click now, so I guess my ad is okay. Conversion campaigns are so expensive, I don't know what amount of 'events' there will be to trust them to work. Plus, my Facebook ads get spammed somehow. This campaign and my last one for another client got spammed with fake leads. I don't know how spammers even see the ads, or maybe it is just young punks messing with the ads. Whatever the reason, bogus leads are NOT what I want the Conversion Campaign optimizing for, so I feel stuck with the option of just trying to get people to the landing page. This is essentially what a Traffic Campaign is, no? And Traffic Campaigns are cheaper.

  9. I have a good account history and loads of conversions but I’ve recently created a new conversion campaign in a new area on 1% LAL. It’s really not doing well but I think the area should still have lots of potential customers. I’m thinking of switching to app installs then switch back to my sale goal, any advice?

  10. I have been running facebook ads for a business and we have been getting a lot of landing page views, and long watch times so we are getting interest. But no purchases, albeit they have been cold audiences. I am wanting to run a retargeting conversion campaign, what should my objective be? Should my objective be purchases? or something else?

  11. Hi Ben, could you talk more about the conversion events? I linked my pixel and when I choose lead, but it keeps warning me. Some of the events look similar to me like check out, payment kind of do the same thing with lead. So what are their difference?

  12. Hey Ben, love your content, thank you! I was wondering, what software do you use for these vids? Thanks and stay safe!

  13. Awesome video. I had two ads running and I was getting no results. In 3 days of running one had spent $0.96 and the other one $1.01. In 3 days! When I was going through them, the quality ranking was bottom 10% and engagement ranking was similar. Conversion ranking was no better!! How is this even possible? Could you do a video on this. And should I edit these ads or start afresh?

  14. Hi Ben, important! look I'm doing a new conversion campaign with a new region and detailed targeting now I want to optimize it on( Complete Registration) that is filled with people who did it on my first campaign will FB go for people like these or it will start optimizing on people who Complete Registration on my new campaign only that's what I want. plz help!

  15. Another great vid Ben – cheers!
    Would it be a good idea to have a different campaign for each individual country? e.g UK, USA, Canada etc…
    …I was wondering if interest targeting would differ in each country?
    Likewise, if my email list is mainly from the UK, could I do lookalikes of that for different countries? (or, because the source audience is from the UK – the lookalike will only work in the UK?).
    Cheers in advance.

  16. Hi Ben, does it not make sense to use the dynamic creative feature. we can use different headlines, images, primary text, etc, and then facebook can work out, what will work more. Will, that not make my ad more effective?

  17. Hi Ben thanks another great teaching!

    I'm confused on the detailed targeting expansion.

    At about 15:40 you turn back on the detailed targeting expansion. If I recall correctly, in some of your teaching, you said at the start of the campaign you would leave this option off. But you will turn this option on if you want to scale the campaign or after you've accrued some conversions and turning on this option after that would be timely as FB would know the type of audience to look for in the next expanded realm of audience.

    Could you kindly clarify?

    Thanks once again!

  18. Really Helpful, Thank you so much. 🙂

  19. Hi Ben, great video as always.

    I have one question.

    Lets say I use the conversion objective towards a cold audience and then wants to retarget them (everyone who visited my website for example). Which objective should I use when retargeting them? I'm thinking Reach should be a good option since I can choose frequency for example. But is that right/wrong or is there a better way to go?


  20. Awesome video, one Question, Another one of your videos you recommended 2-3000 page likes first. So then after getting the likes would you run your conversion campaign straight away? I've seen others recommending warming up the audience first with views or traffic.

  21. So what you're saying is for new campaigns run a traffic objective to get conversions and then once you get a good number of conversions run your conversion objective to scale and get consistent results.

  22. Hey Ben, love your vids they’re very informative. I had a quick question. If I have only 90 PUR conversion in the last 40 days. Should I use PUR conversion or go up the funnel and use ATC? Thanks in advance and keep striving for greatness Ben!

  23. Great Video Ben – Could you upload a video explaining A/B Testing?

  24. hey ben, wanted to ask for a starting campaign do you prefer to go with many countries together or 1? and whats the difference? Will it be easier one way? cost effective? takes less time to find warm audiences? thank you

  25. hi Ben can i use this for affiliate product

  26. This is so insane. I’m creating my first conversion campaign right now and your email pops up!!

  27. Hi Ben, thank you for posting. I find all your videos very helpful and valuable. Could you shed some light on app install campaigns?

  28. Never Comment on Youtube But i have to say your videos are top notch. Thanks man, im making a living off waching you and applying it. Keep it up, All the way from Spain! Id like to see a video on scalling strategies applied to diferent objectives. thanks bro!!

  29. guys in an general way whats better to start with worldwide or regional targetting i have a service

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