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How To Create and Use an Instagram Business Account

How To Create and Use an Instagram Business Account

Having an Instagram business account can get your brand in front of a lot of people, but Instagram success takes time and planning. In this video, Dylan will tell you how to create your Instagram business account and will also give you 11 expert Instagram tips so you can launch your Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram marketing isn’t just for influencers! You can use Instagram for your business and make it work for your goals!

Dylan will go in-depth with industry insights and valuable tips for using your Instagram business account, like knowing your audience, understanding the different types of Instagram accounts, having a consistent voice, and more.

Find out ALL the juicy Instagram details in the video!

In this video:
Why use Instagram for your business // 00:0:28
Tips for using Instagram for business // 00:01:14
1. Have an Instagram business account // 00:01:19
2. Know your audience // 00:01:49
3. Set the right tone // 00:02:20
4. Use hashtags // 00:02:56
5. Do some Instagram research // 00:03:21
6. Post regularly // 00:03:47
7. Take advantage of posting options // 00:04:32
8. Make people want to view your profile // 00:05:07
9. Involve your Instagram community // 00:05:35
10. Post with one voice // 00:06:11
11. Use Instagram data // 00:06:51

Instagram has so many features your business can utilize. It goes so much further than a feed of photos from friends and family.

You can utilize both photos and videos for your Instagram business account, some being more permanent than others.

Through the Instagram Feed, you can share behind-the-scenes content, photos of your team, videos of your products, or anything else you want people to check out. You can even take advantage of Instagram’s shopping features to sell more products.

With Instagram Stories, you can post quick updates that disappear after 24 hours. Instagram Stories offer a variety of stickers, songs, filters, polls, and more that you can play around with when posting. These features help boost engagement with your audience on Instagram.

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  1. hey, thx for the nice and systematic tips. May I ask if I shall and when I shall switch from a personal account to a business or creator account? I'm working in the language teaching industry. Here is my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happyhanyu_chinese/ Well, most of the content are in Russian though.

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