How To Create An eCommerce Website With WordPress – Woodmart theme wordpress tutorial

How To Create An eCommerce Website With WordPress – Woodmart theme wordpress tutorial.
In this woodmart theme wordpress tutorial, I am going to tell you how to create an eCommerce website with wordpress by using one of the most popular eCommerce theme – woodmart theme.According to the Envato market woodmart theme is one of the top five best selling eCommerce theme.Here in this woodmart theme wordpress tutorial I try to explain each and every important feature of the woodmart theme in detail.

In this woodmart theme tutorial video i explain how to install woodmart theme,how to customize woodmart header using woodmart header builder,how to create a professional eCommerce slider using slider revolution,how to use woodmart product tab,how to use woodmart product category.Here I also teach you how to create simple product and variable product using woocommerce plugin.How to create woodmart Mega menu,how to change logo in woodmart,how to customise footer area in woodmart theme.Integrating of Google map in woodmart theme and so on.

✔️ Click this link to download all the theme, plugins and image files:

video timeline:
00:00:37 introduction of the demo website of woodmart theme

00:08:07 how to order a product in woodmart theme

00:09:48 how an admin can process the order in woodmart theme

00:11:26 downloading and installing local server XAMPP

00:12:13 downloading wordpress file

00:12:41 copying wordpress file and theme file in local server

00:13:39 creating a database in local server

00:14:03 setup WordPress and link up the website with database

00:15:15 uploading images to the website

00:15:39 activating woodmart theme

00:16:25 basic setup of woocommerce

00:17:50 woocommerce setup in detail

00:26:44 creating product categories

00:28:14 creating a simple product in woocommerce

00:30:07 creating variable product in woocommerce

00:33:56 converting normal product to a featured product

00:34:18 creating pages in woodmart theme

00:35:07 designing slider using slider revolution

00:48:07 designing heading in woodmart theme

00:48:48 designing product category session in woodmart theme

00:50:34 designing product tab in woodmart theme

00:52:31 importing slider in slider revolution

00:57:03 creating mailchimp subscribe form

00:59:50 creating blog post in woodmart theme

01:03:42 creating brand in woodmart theme

01:05:34 designing contact us page

01:12:05 set up default homepage and blog page

01:12:38 designing header session in woodmart theme

01:15:40 customizing headed using woodmart theme header builder

01:18:52 design submenu using HTML block in woodmart theme

01:29:02 linkup HTML block with category menu

01:30:49 designing footer in woodmart theme

01:35:32 changing copyright text in woodmart theme

01:36:38 customizing sidebar for the single block page in woodmart theme

01:37:59 customizing sidebar for the shop page in woodmart theme

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37 Thoughts to “How To Create An eCommerce Website With WordPress – Woodmart theme wordpress tutorial”

  1. Sir dokan plugin is not working site pe critical error aa jata hai

  2. Sir ye plugins ka regular update ayega kya?

  3. Thank u for this.
    This theme is nice but the options are many to play with lol

  4. we want woodmart elementor base customization tutorial

  5. Sir how to setup multiple shop page

  6. Great Tutorial Sir..I am Doing amazon Affiliate From using this Theme but Sir when I add Products From Woozone plugin on this woodmart theme, Thumbnail of the products have different sizes in product categories. Even i checked WordPress product image setting also. Do you know any CSS code setting for thumbnails? How to fix this Problem?

  7. Great Tutorial, thank you very much for uploading. i have an issue Ive downloaded everything but how do i log back in. I keep getting an error saying saying this site cant be reached. Im trying to log back into localhost/woodmart.

  8. Products category pictures are not coming. How to solve the problem.

  9. Can i usg this theme in your drive file

  10. It's a great idea that you offered themes, plugin, image which give us easy way to practice. Can we add multi vendor with it. We want one more video from you to implement multi vendor web page.

  11. ONn my Woodmart I have "type" option when setting attributes, why?

  12. In your tutorial you were telling about featured, best seller and sale so my question is how these features are works and how my account page will work

  13. how to change wood mart logo

  14. After you do something, you should show the update on the page, so we see how it looks. This is a little hard to follow. Especially when you need to come back and look at something specific

  15. Vaiya
    Assalamu alaikum
    I 'd like to know that
    For Woocommerce shop fake/demo products photo;
    Where should I go for?
    Vaiya do you have any or few links of only white or background free products model photo?
    I know few links but I don't hope such links
    I will be happy if you do have another suggestion.

  16. We can use this theme for grocery store or advice good theme for gorecery store

  17. I have a question, the developer xtemos said that they tested woodmart for, but that it should work on It looks like you are using, so I was wondering if you noticed anything that looks weird or isnt fully functional?

  18. plz give the theme almamunhossainrabby77@gmail

  19. 5-star tutorial dear. You made the tutorial very precisely and to the point, this is your professionalism. One of the best things about your tutorial is you provide all plugins and themes. Appreciated

  20. Which is better, Woodmart, Cerato or Martfury? Need for e Commerce site. Please help.

  21. i want to change registration from ,password is send on email but i want set it on registration from where customer can put their own password ,can you please help me about that

  22. Great! Very Helpful for Beginners. Good Tutorials, Carry on. Big Big Big Thumbs Up!

  23. Great tutorial you made as I used this theme for my website as a Ecommerce Store. Thanks for taking the time to teach. Much appreciated. I have subscribe your channel and like your video. Keep up the good work. Sammy.

  24. Great video!!
    We created a non-affiliated Facebook group called “WoodMart Theme Help & Share”
    If you need help or want to share advice, please join!

  25. Omnes bene-dictum!!!
    Tibi gratias ago.
    Video enim mobile est lemma Woodmart?!

  26. In frontend or product page, product image not showing. If I opened in single product image, then its shows all image. What is the issues?

  27. Hi team, I have faced database connection issues in woodmart theme. If I refreshed multiple times, then "establishing database connection ". I contacted with hosting providers. They said everything is correct in wp-config. Please help to fix.

  28. Your tutorials are awesome. You must cover the Amazon affilate which is trending topic. The way you demonstrate , I believe your videos will be in trending list. Please consider that. Prepare an entire playlist for Amazon affiliate including all

  29. What will be image size for featured categorie?
    And also product image?
    Because i already purchase this theme and install in my website. But categorie image and product image become as original size. Its look not good.

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