How To Create an eCommerce Website With WordPress and WooCommerce in 2020!

Learn How To Create an eCommerce Website With WordPress and WooCommerce with my easy to follow, step by step extended tutorial – completely up to date for all the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce in 2020!

In this in-depth eCommerce Website tutorial you’re going to learn everything you need to know to start your very own eCommerce website in just a few hours – you don’t need any prior coding or design skills which makes this tutorial perfect for eCommerce beginners.

What’s more, you’ll actually be able to start selling products TODAY as we’ll be using Dropshipping as our beginner friendly way of getting an eCommerce website built quickly, for minimal cost and very little risk.

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For the absolute BEST WooCommerce Hosting – Cloudways:
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The Best WooCommerce Theme in 2020 🙂 Shoptimizer
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AliDropship (for WooCommerce Dropshipping with AliExpress)
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Video timestamps for every step in this eCommerce tutorial:

00:00:00 – eCommerce website intro
00:02:00 – eCommerce Tutorial overview
00:06:27 – Step 1: How to Brainstorm an eCommerce brand and register a domain name for your store.
00:22:28 – Step 2: How to get the Best WooCommerce Hosting.
00:34:14 – Step 3: How to Install WordPress and WooCommerce properly.
00:54:01 – Step 4: How to Install and Configure an SSL certificate for WooCommerce.
00:59:58 – Step 5: Initial WordPress Configuration.
01:04:02 – Step 6: Install a fast WooCommerce Theme.
01:12:18 – Step 7: Configure WooCommerce.
01:40:23 – Step 8: Install and Setup AliDropship
01:50:19 – Step 9: Install AliDropship Chrome Extension.
01:55:16 – Step 10: Using and configuring AliDropship.
02:30:43 – Step 11: Setup WooCommerce Staging.
02:40:49 – Step 12: Setup WooCommerce Categories and Products.
02:59:45 – Step 13: Setup WooCommerce Menus.
03:20:14 – Step 14: Setup WordPress and WooCommerce widgets.
03:40:27 – Step 15: Using the WordPress Customizer to change the look and feel of our eCommerce website.
03:46:01 – Step 16: Using Elementor to design and build the Homepage.
04:18:46 – Step 17: Customizer Part 2.
04:31:59 – Step 18: Assign page templates to the Cart and Checkout in WooCommerce.
04:26:19 – Step 19: Setting up a WishList for our store.

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  10. Great video man. Just started following your steps for my website. Will see how it turns out to be in couple of days.

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  22. SKP

    Sir i tried giving my live store product id under the menu as you have added the product id as custom link but for me the menu is not displayed. is this only customizable for shoptimizer theme. I followed the same instruction as you adviced but in my store the id that i displayed under custom link is not displayed.

  23. Looks impressive and probably something I've been looking into buying, especially that you're addressing Alidropship (their support warned me that their plugin may only work with Storefront theme or their own ones which are buggy according to reviews).
    I recently got stuck to Astra theme with Elementor but now have doubts whether Astra is that good for Woocommerce. The only thing that's appealing in Astra is its lightness, speed. I noticed in one of your videos, the loading speed is like 3-5 sec. This is kinda slow, crucial for SEO. How would you recommend to tackle this? How would you compare Astra and Shoptimizer? You are talking to a prospective buyer of Shoptimizer😊Sell it to me guys😁What is your competetive advantage over other Woocommerce leading themes?

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    I hope my honesty will help!

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