How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website in WordPress

In this second video in our make money online playlist, you’ll learn how to add affiliate marketing to your site so you can start earning money with your blog. Including how to set up Amazon Associates and how to properly add their links to your site.

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Video Sections:

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:53 What is Hosting
0:01:38 Get Domain Name, Hosting, and WordPress Installed
0:04:10 Clean up dashboard
0:05:17 Install SSL Certificate
0:07:50 Install Astra
0:09:08 Install Astra Starter Sites
0:13:06 Customize Theme
0:22:19 Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing
0:24:55 How to Find Affiliate Programs for Your Niche
0:27:07 Set up Amazon Associates account
0:30:35 How to add Amazon affiliate link to blog
0:34:17 How to check Amazon earnings report
0:35:07 Plugin for affiliate marketing
0:36:48 How to install MonsterInsights for affiliate marketing
0:41:18 Thank You!

To begin this guide we will be setting up the site using BlueHost who we have negotiated a coupon that you can use by clicking the link below:

Once you’ve installed the site on BlueHost if it wasn’t set up with the SSL certificate you can update the URL using the Really Simple SSL plugin from the repository here:

The plugin will work with your SSL certificate to ensure anyone visiting the site will have the padlock icon next to your URL which confirms the site is secure and using https.

For setting up this site we will be using the Astra theme found here:

As well as the Beaver Builder page builder to help customize it. If you use a different theme then you may have different customization options available to you. Design the site how you would like it to display for your visitors, with the Astra theme and Beaver Builder you can create almost any design you’re looking to add to your site.

Once your design is how you want it you’ll want to look into adding the right keywords to have your posts rank on Google’s search. If you’re new to keyword research, we have a video guiding you on the steps to do keyword research here:

The keywords will also give you ideas for what content to write about for your site to keep giving value to your site’s visitors. To begin getting revenue from your content you will want to sign up for affiliate programs. Some places to start looking for these programs are searching for the brands you use and add an affiliate program to your search. There are also sites such as ShareASale,, and Click Bank.

For this tutorial we’ll be using the Amazon Associates affiliate program here:

Once you sign up to be a part of the affiliate program we recommend activating your Associates SiteStripe to give you an easy ability to get the approved images and links to use for Amazon.

Reminder: Do not cloak Amazon Affiliate links due to their current limitations for affiliates.

To make displaying Amazon content easier, we would recommend taking a look at the AAWP plugin that uses Amazon’s own API to pull in product information without having any trouble with the affiliate agreement.

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  1. honestly the best explanation video I have EVER watch. Im glad I found your channel!

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    Would I get ads on my WordPress website if my host plan is with the basic plan if I'm using bluehost?
    Pls, pls, i really need your help.
    I have been reading and making thorough research on this although.
    While I was reading about AdSensing my WordPress site, then I saw where it was mentioned that only a plan that is a business plan that gets ads.
    Pls I need your help pls.
    Do I get ads wit a normal basic host plan using bluehost on my WordPress website to Google ads?
    Pls wplearners i need a reply as soon as possible pls… I've been going through your site and I figured it really cool and great wit WordPress.
    Help me out pls.

  5. Great video! When I try to delete the plugins I get a message saying that I should upgrade to Business to manage plugins. Also, when I look for the Astra Theme, no matter in what category I look in (free, Premium, All), I get a message saying it doesn't exist. My account is Premium. Do you have any idea what might be happening? Thanks very much!

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