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How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Nonprofit

How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Nonprofit

How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Nonprofit. In today’s nonprofit marketing tip video, we share a 6-Part Framework on how to create a social media strategy for your nonprofit. By the end of this video, you will know exactly how to create an effective social media strategy for your nonprofit!


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50 thoughts on “How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Nonprofit

  1. Have any questions about creating your social media strategy? Comment below!

  2. I wish to learn more about engaging people

  3. I have a question. I want to know about public relations organization social media pages. we are giving teaching the social media members about how to create good caption and copy. Can you please suggest me with more ideas about how can I trained them? Our page posting about international days with graphics posters, and for students events we are regularly updating our information about the events. How can i bring some more changes on it please let me. 🙁

  4. Thank you for the useful info! helped me a lot!

  5. We are excited to get started with creating goals

  6. Do you have any research or studies to back up this template? What background info do you have that suggests that social media algorithms prefer consistent uploads? Have you spoken to any engineers from any social media site that have told you about the effectiveness of your strategy template? Not trying to spread hate or troll, I just would like to know your sources to use for my ongoing project.

  7. Thank you very much, very useful video, all the tips are very helpful

  8. Awesome video.

    Can you give examples of '3X Content Value' please?

  9. Yes, Our organization will be applying to Canva Pro.

  10. Groovism, as a non-profit intends to engage people with The One! Don't know what I'm doing, except to provide The One! Marketing & all is something I'm familiar with, from old school advertising.

  11. Hi can we connect on LinkedIn. I'm working in mar comms for not for profit org

  12. We are excited to start having goals on social media! Thanks for your help. 🙂

  13. Am so glad I came across this video, definitely very helpful

  14. Thank you for the advice and tips in such a simple format to follow/digest. I'm currently helping out a non-profit with building out their brand awareness, so this was a great refresher and inspiration.

  15. We're excited to create goals!

  16. Hey guys let’s help each other, I and 2 other school members of mine have started this non profit, on insta named makingthisworld.better. Please check it out and follow if you. Drop your insta account too and I will follow you too.

  17. Is 3post a day is OK or 5 post in week?

  18. Estamos listos para establecer nuestros objetivos 🙂

  19. We are excited to start on having goals for social media 🙂

  20. Amor, necesitas mejorar tu audio. Gracias por estos consejos, me srivieron mucho.

  21. We’re excited to create goals!😊

  22. Thanks so much for the simple, easy to follow guide! Struggling pet adoption center here and we need all the help we can get!

  23. Kudos for mentioning personas. I don't think enough nonprofits (or businesses, for that matter) think about their target users in this way, but a little investment in this area can shed a lot of light on who you're talking to.

  24. Short, to the point, extremely useful. Unity Gresham thanks you.

  25. We are excited to get started with our goals.

  26. We are excited to start setting goals and becoming equipped to reach them.

  27. Just getting started with a non profit's social media marketing strategy and this will help me have a good start! I have lots to learn but it's a skill a really want to develop. Thanks for your helpful video 🙂

  28. We're excited to get started with our goals.

  29. How can you get people engaged? I get likes and comments but nothing I can turn into engagement? Unfortunately, it still feels like us telling them about things…

  30. nice video- thanks. I am trying to help a local non-profit use social media to effectively promote their upcoming yearly event. I would love to be able to give them an actionable checklist (they basically have no budget and need to mobilize their team to create/run the social media campaign. I would appreciate any good references you can share. Thank you.

  31. I am currently working as an (unexperienced) marketing intern for a small nonprofit, responsible for their social media and digital marketing. These videos have been SO helpful in my learning process!! Thank you so much!

  32. We're excited to create goals! These are great tips, can't wait to see the results!

  33. Nonprofits need this for sharing!

  34. My nonprofit really needs a social media strategy and this is a great framework!

  35. Great information! I'm looking forward to the how to create affordable videos tutorial.

  36. I really love the idea of casting movie !

  37. Thanks for sharing this 'm looking to create a strategy and this is helpful.

  38. What do you recommend for a social media schedule?

  39. I love the text you added to this it easy to follow!

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