How to Create a GT Dropshipping API and Integrate It With Your Website

How to Create a GT Dropshipping API and Integrate It With Your Website

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In this video, we are explaining how to create a GT dropshipping API and how to integrate it with your own eCommerce website. This video is a part of a playlist/crash course “How to Start a Dropshipping Business in the UK”.

What is dropshipping?

Types of dropshipping:
What is Manual Dropshipping ?
What is it Automatic Dropshipping?

What do you need to start a dropshipping business?

Product sourcing for dropshipping:
a) eBay
b) GT (GetshopToday)

How to set up an online shop using GetshopToday. Why choose GetshopToday rather than any other traditional eCommerce platform?
How to create a GT dropshipping API and integrate with your website.

How to set up an eBay developer account and get a developer API key to use in your online shop to:
Exporting your GT wholesaler products from your retail website to eBay.
Import products from eBay


How to customise your new online shop using GetshopToday.

Promoting your online shop:
What is SEO?
Keyword Research – On-site SEO
Title Tag – On-site SEO
Heading Tag – On-site SEO
Images and Videos – On-site SEO
Meta Description – On-site SEO
What Is Off-site SEO
Backlinks – Off-site SEO
Social Media Marketing – Off-site SEO
Influencer Marketing – Off-site SEO
Content Marketing – On-site SEO

Some final matters to consider when starting a dropshipping business.
Why will people buy the product from your website and not directly from the supplier?
What to do if a buyer wants to get a refund.
How to make sure you get a small number of refund requests.
If we create a dropshipping website using GetshopToday platform, can we still sell our own products on the same website?
Which business model is more profitable – dropshipping or selling our own products?

Product photography and the basics of Photoshop. Why do we need to know Photoshop?

FINAL NOTE: What is the best way to start your dropshipping business as fast as possible?


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