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14 thoughts on “How to Create a Facebook Poll in Videos

  1. can people vote more than once or does FB help to ensure people only vote once? thanks!

  2. how to remove polls inside video

  3. Can you view or see who answered the polls?

  4. how to view Facebook live video poll results after the Live video finish?

  5. Hello I did a poll for my page, but how do I see the results from the poll?

    Thank you

  6. only for FB page right?? not for all vdos.

  7. JT

    how can I change the position of the poll in the video? If my poll appears at the bottom of the video but I want it to be on top instead

  8. Great video, is there a way to get information on how many people voted? is a report given when the poll ends?

  9. When is the stream live? During the broadcast/livestream?

  10. Not seeing the start/stop settings for a scheduled/upcoming LiveStream event

  11. I had the option to add a poll but I was missing the "Poll Settings" and the "Save Poll" button. Any suggestions on how to get that to show up on my video editor?

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